How was your experience after installing Solar Panels in India?

Want to get associated with a reliable and certified solar panel manufacturing company in India? One such trustworthy organization is Megamax Solar. Due to this dealership, I have come in contact with people who are aspiring to start using solar energy in India. Here I want to give you an insight into my experience of installing solar panels in the country.

What the clients have to say about the benefits of solar panels:

1. The impact on energy bills:

One of the major reasons that people in India are considering roof solar panels for home is the savings aspect. By using solar energy, the user cuts down the energy bills significantly. Some customers are saving more than 400 to 500 units of electricity every month. So, you can just imagine the amount of money that they are saving.

2. Growing awareness about the environment:

It has also been observed in India that there are many people who are concerned about the environment. These people are keen to do their bit to save Mother Nature from different types of pollution.

  • Solar energy is a renewable form of clean energy which as compared to traditional energy sources does not make noise.
  • Also, it does not emit a large number of harmful gases.
  • Many of the clients have chosen solar panels from the best solar panel company for the reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Moreover, it is an excellent product that helps in the preservation of the environment.

4. People find it is a suitable option for the Indian climate:

Many people who are contemplating solar panel options said that they are doing so due to the Indian climate. In India the skies are clear and there is bright sunlight during most times of the year. Therefore, people are convinced that solar panels are one of the best ways to generate clean electricity.

5. People want to take the advantage of government policies:

The government of India wants more and more people to use solar energy. To back solar energy the government has come up with several good policies.

  • People are installing solar panels in their commercial and residential buildings as the government is offering tax credits.
  • For solar rooftop installation, the government is giving a 40% subsidy on the overall cost of the installation to the User.
  • These schemes of the government are also instrumental in encouraging people to choose solar panel options.

6. Ease of installation of the solar panels:

The question that many potential customers ask is what type of roof is suitable for the installation of roof solar panels for home.

  • Once they get to know that the installation can be done on any roof type, they are keen to choose this option.
  • It is an exceptional choice for people who do not have to spend money to get any special type of roof.
  • Since people do not have to spend money in getting additional space, this is one of the best options.
  • A great choice for the people who do not have to vacate their homes for installation.

The things that clients want to know about solar panel installation:

When I approached clients for the installation of solar panels majority need clarification on some aspects.

1. Can the complete residential power requirement be fulfilled?

Yes, this is possible but this one needs a well-engineered solar power system. Fulfilment of some critical factors is also important like sanctioned load, available shadow-free area on the roof, power consumption, etc.

2. The eligibility of net metering:

Solar on the grid or the use of a hybrid solar system gives the advantage of saving more money. So potential clients are interested in knowing about the net metering eligibility factor. Residences across the state can take benefit from this aspect but the benefits depend on the tariffs in your state.

3. The cost for installation of the solar panel system:

Another important thing that people ask is the cost of installation of the solar panel system. They are happy when they learn that the cost of installation has gone down over the past decade. But the final cost is dependent on aspects like the quality of the panels, and how skillful the installer is. It must be noted that in the case of residences the per KW cost is higher than commercial projects. The reason is the residential solar power systems are small in size.

4. Queries about the break-even point of the solar system:

Potential buyers also ask for details about the break-even point and which can be around 3 to 4 years. Here again, how well the residential solar system has been configured has to be taken into account.

5. Is shifting the residential solar system to another location possible?

I have also found that many people have this concern that what happens to the solar system if they shift their residence. It is possible to uninstall the solar system and reinstall it in your new home. But this has to be done skillfully and care has to be taken to not damage the solar system.

6. Which company solar panels must be chosen?

Another common query that buyers have is which is the best solar panel company. I always recommend Megamax Solar and there are many reasons for the same. One is that this company makes no compromises with the quality of the product. The installation of the superior quality product is easy and the company offers complete after-sales support.

I have installed the solar panels of this company in many residences and the feedback that I have received from my clients is amazing.


Overall, my experience after installing solar panels in India in different locations has been very good. People in India are ready to accept this change and this is the reason that I have installed several solar panels in a just few years.

As far as the choice of company is concerned, I have lots of experience in this field. I strongly recommend Megamax Solar which is known for its quality and support.

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