How to get customers for a Solar Rooftop panel business in India?

If you want to become an entrepreneur then you have to first choose a niche business that has immense scope. One such booming business that you must consider is solar rooftop panel systems. Solar energy which is one of the best renewable forms of clean energy has several benefits.

In India, the Government is also encouraging the use of solar energy. For this, the government is offering subsidies so that more people start using solar energy. So, interested in choosing the solar energy business option? We know what you are thinking! You want to know how you get clients for the solar rooftop panel business!

How can you get more clients for your solar panel business?

1. Planning is a must for your solar panel business!

Whether you are planning to get into the solar panel industry or any other business, planning is the key.

  • Also, you have to do market research to find the market potential and the demand and supply requirements in the market.
  • It is also necessary to check who can be your potential clients and who are the competitors.

2. Understanding the product correctly:

Before you reach out to the clients you have to first understand your product.

  • You must know all the technical details about solar panels.
  • You need to check what are the solar power trends in the industry.
  • You have to also analyze the myths surrounding solar products.

The entrepreneur must have thorough product information. Moreover, if any changes are made to the product, then also you must have complete details about the same.

3. Have you thought about the unique value proposition?

When you decide to start your rooftop panel business then you have to decide your unique value proposition.

  • You have to think about the benefits that your product has and what makes you different from your competitors.
  • Thinking about the unique value proposition for your solar panel business? In this case, you have to think about the long-term benefits that your clients can get.

4. Have you explored the option of becoming a channel partner:

Now you may not necessarily be a manufacturer of solar panels. You can always explore the option of becoming a channel partner of a reputed rooftop solar panel manufacturing company. You can discuss with this solar installation company about the terms and conditions that they have. Once you have read and discussed all the details then you can sign the contract and become a channel partner. Here it is of utmost importance that you choose a good solar panel manufacturing company that is ready to render complete support to its channel partners.

5. Lead generation for the rooftop solar panel business:

Once you have become the channel partner then the next step is lead generation. For this, if required you can take help from the solar panel manufacturing company. If you have any contacts in the industry then you need to connect with them to get the leads. Next, you have to connect with the leads and explain the details of your product to them

6. Overselling may not be the right approach:

Here one of the most important things is to ensure that you are not very pushy while selling the product to the leads. This is not going to help you and rather might irritate the customers. You must educate the leads about the benefits of choosing the option of solar energy. This helps the client to understand why they must choose the option of rooftop solar panels. Also, it helps them make the right decision and choose the right solar panel product.

7. Follow up with your leads for the solar panels:

The next thing that you need to do is follow up with your leads. Yes, you mustn’t push your clients too much. But at the same time, you must follow up regularly. You need to speak to them and also check with them if they have any queries about your product. Resolve these queries and check with them when they are planning to buy the products. You must be persistent but at the same time, you should not be annoying to the clients.

8. Create a lasting impression on your client:

For solar rooftop systems, you must create a lasting impression on your client. The client has to get convinced that your solar panel product is the best. Once you create the best impression on the client then there will be chances that they may not immediately buy your product. But the chances are bright that they will get back to you.

Becoming the channel partner of a market leader is very important:

To become successful in the rooftop solar panel business you have to ensure that you become a channel partner of a good company. One such rooftop solar panel manufacturing company is Megamax Solar. This company is a part of the renowned Megamax group which is one of the reputed groups in India.

If you want to be associated with the best solar installation company like Megamax Solar then get in touch with them right away. This is one company that has superior solar panels and they provide installation, service, and maintenance support to their clients.


Solar panel business can be one of the best business opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start a profitable business. But for your solar panel business to be successful you have to get more clients. This is possible by having a great business strategy and by connecting with a good solar panel manufacturing company.

Megamax Solar is one of the best solar panel manufacturing companies in India and has products of superior quality. You can surely have a very good and flourishing solar panel business by getting associated with them. So, connect with Megamax Solar to get complete details for becoming a channel partner of this reputed company.

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