What is the scope of solar energy startups in India?

The energy requirements of India can surely be fulfilled by renewable and clean energy sources which as solar energy. Yes, this form of energy has vast potential in our country and can be beneficial to millions of people. Are you contemplating starting a solar energy start-up in the country? Then you surely want to know what is the scope to do so! Let us explore now!

First, check the some of the benefits of solar energy!

  • This sustainable and clean energy form can help in saving the environment.
  • There is no need of burning fossil fuel as you get energy from the omnipresent sun.
  • It has provided scope for generating revenue and has also opened avenues for generating more employment.
  • Solar energy can be used in remote locations like rural areas. This helps in improving the lives of people in the rural parts of India.
  • Once you install solar panels at home you can use the energy for so many applications. For example: cooking, heating, running agriculture pumps, charging devices, etc.
  • Solar energy is a cheaper form of energy as compared to the energy that is derived from burning coal.
  • Solar energy helps users to save money as it brings down their electricity bills.

Exploring the scope of the solar energy industry in the country!

The government of India is encouraging the use of this abundant energy in a big way. This is one of the reasons that the government has announced many projects that can make use of solar energy.

  • In July 2022 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the National Subsidy Scheme. This scheme comes at a time when awareness about the benefits of solar energy is increasing in India. The National Subsidy Scheme can prove to be beneficial for homeowners as well as businesses.
  • The National solar portal has been launched by the Government and solar businesses can get several benefits from this portal.
  • In the case of state-run subsidy programs, solar companies face the issue of locked funds.  But the National portal makes sure that the solar installation companies get the installation cost upfront.
  • The government also plans to launch several projects that have been designed to improve the scope of solar energy in the country. Announcements about solar parks and mega solar power projects have been made. There are plans to have more solar power projects like the installation of solar panels on roof across the country.
  • There have also been schemes for distributing solar power lamps in certain states like Bihar, Orrisa, etc.
  • The government is focusing on making the use of solar energy popular among homeowners. For this, the government is offering financial help to those people who are willing to install solar power systems in their residences.

With the government backing solar power use in such a big way there is tremendous scope for solar energy start-ups in India.

What are some of the business ideas for solar energy startups in India?

  • Start-ups can focus on aspects like install solar panels at home and they can also look at providing maintenance services. Besides solar power sales and service and installation, there are niches that startups can explore.
  • There is scope in manufacturing solar cells which can help in the production of efficient solar panels.
  • One can also focus on solar mobility which involves the generation of electric power by making use of solar energy. It must be noted that there is tremendous scope for sustainable mobility in the country.
  • There is also demand for solar inverters in which a charge controller is used that allows the load to run on solar energy. People are surely going to choose this option as this is going to help them reduce their electricity bills in a big way.
  • One more option that start-ups can explore is the cleaning and repairing of solar-based products like heaters etc.
  • If you have immense knowledge about solar energy then you also have the option of becoming a solar energy consultant. You can use your technical expertise to guide homeowners as well as businesses on how they can make use of solar energy in their homes and organizations.
  • Start-ups can also check the solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction aspect. But for this, it is important to have very good product knowledge about solar energy. It is also of utmost importance to connect with the right people to start your EPC venture.

If you want to start a solar energy start-up then the sky is the limit. You can venture into the manufacturing sector but for this, you may need a large initial investment. The marketing and sales sector is another option that can be explored and in this, the start-up has to generate leads. Also, they have to convert the leads into clients. The service sector is also an important part of the solar energy industry and start-ups can take installation and servicing of solar panels on roof and other solar products.

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In its pursuit to promote solar energy on a large scale, the government of India has launched numerous ambitious projects. Yes, there is a lot of backing from the government for solar energy companies. And this is the right time to start a business associated with solar energy. For this, you need to have in-depth knowledge of solar energy and also you have to choose a niche application.

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