Increasing pollution and global warming is a continuous problem in Delhi, NCR. The local sources, agricultural stubble burn, and many more things are badly affecting Delhi’s air quality. Last year 2022, the state recorded the first ‘very poor’ air day of the year. AQI (air quality index) is beyond poor. The toxins in the air are constantly increasing the risk of diseases.

To bring down the pollution level and create a healthier environment for coming generations, our rooftop solar system installation company is providing the installation of the most-trusted rooftop solar systems that last for a long time. Since the day of inception, we have been constantly working to increase the adoption of mass solar in Noida and Delhi NCR. Today, we are a team of highly passionate solar junkies endeavouring to find the most innovative and cost-effective solar panels to meet the demand for safe and clean renewable energy. The incredible investment of solar panels requires relatively low maintenance to operate effectively throughout its lifespan. The only rooftop solar system maintenance you require is cleaning your systems at least once a year.

What is Rooftop Solar System or Panels Installation ?

The best solar system installation is like an independent powerhouse of the commercial and residential property owners to get constant supply of affordable, Clean and Renewable Energy to reduce electricity bills upto 90%

The government provides household owners with a 40% subsidy for systems up to 3 kW and 20 % for systems between 3 kW and 10 kW.

  • In the Net Metering scheme, consumers have the option of selling excess energy to the grid.
  • It usually takes three days to install and commission a small /medium Roof Top System.
  • It requires exceptionally minimal maintenance costs during its service life of 20-25 years.
  • People living in remote areas with no or unreliable electricity source can opt for solar micro grid installation to enjoy affordable electricity from solar power.

Guide for Household Rooftop Solar System

Before installing a rooftop solar system in any residential property, we make homeowners learn everything about rooftop solar panels for home like
Increases access to energy

Power consumption

Selecting the best solar system based on your power consumption requirements and home.

Easy Finance

Easy Finance

Easier financing options to make the switch.


Cost Saving

Guide on getting cost-saving advantages associated with solar.


Government subsidies

Government subsidies, incentives, and assistance.


Solar compatibility

Thorough residential property inspection to determine solar compatibility.


Best Services

Guidance and services right from purchase, installation, and rooftop solar system maintenance to ensure a great rooftop solar experience for homeowners.

Go Green & Safe for the Planet with Best-in-class Solar Rooftop Installation!

We at Megamax Solar are leading the move towards providing great clean energy solutions while protecting the environment. Our company emerges as the trusted rooftop solar system provider in Delhi NCR for providing clean solar systems built to last long with a higher performance rate. We promise that you will get a stormproof panel that is capable of withstanding scary storms, heavy rain, and cyclones with 160mph winds. If you think that you can’t afford the solar installation, then contact us. We will assist you with the most affordable solutions that best fit your budget.

Easier Rooftop Solar Loan

Getting a loan on rooftop solar is faster, easier, and trouble-free now with our best rooftop solar system installers in Delhi NCR. We are providing great financing options and support to get solar installation on loan within the shortest time possible. Our clued-up professionals will let you know the basic information about solar loans like solar loan interest rate, documents required, eligibility criteria, down payment, and more to get the loan sanctioned in less time.

Solar Panel Subsidy in Delhi

The Indian government provides solar subsidies to homeowners as financial support for solar rooftop panel installation in Delhi. We are among the best rooftop solar system installers in Delhi NCR to make eligible residential users avail solar subsidies in Delhi. The applicable subsidy amount is fixed for each kW (kilowatt) unit.

  • ₹14,588/kW applicable subsidy for up to 3kW rooftop solar system capacity.
  • ₹7,294/kW applicable subsidy for above 3 kW and up to 10 kW rooftop solar system capacity.

The subsidy amount is fixed i.e., ₹94,822** for rooftop solar systems above 10 kW capacity. The accurate solar system cost is dependent on multiple factors like your location, budget, number of solar components used, labor cost in your area, applicable subsidy, etc.

DBT Scheme

DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer is a new subsidy initiative by the Indian government to cut solar panel costs in Delhi and promote off-season solar adoption. It helps customers in receiving their subsidy amount directly in their linked bank accounts within a month. Our rooftop solar installation company helps in getting DBT subsidies in Delhi.

To know more about the capacity and cost of rooftop solar panels, contact us at 1800 120 2400 (Toll-Free).

How it works?

Survey & Design

Megamax Solar gives a free consult based on your electricity consumption, loads, site conditions, and policies. Which helps us to design the installation accordingly.

Survey & Design

Pricing & Options

Megamax Solar helps you choose a solar power system and financial plan that best suits your needs and budget. So that our professionals get ready to move on the next step.

Pricing & Options

Forecasting & Data

Megamax Solar Later uses logic and data to get a deep understanding of your solar system’s potential impact so that the team will be confirmed about the power usage and other data.

Forecasting & Data


Megamax Solar do take care of the proper installation for your solar system, So that this one time installation do not require any second visit.



Atlast, It's Megamax Solar only which will take care of the Maintenance, Our team of professionals will assist you even after the installation regarding the solar system concerns.


Documents Required

  • Application form dully filled with all details
  • Electricity Bill
  • Copy of House Tax Bill or Property Card or Index-2 or Rent/Lease agreement or NOC of Society in case of Flat/Multistoried apartments or BU permission
  • Joint Declaration_Non EAs
  • Attach one additional set of Electricity bill Application form

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Trust & Warranty

Trust & Warranty

We value trust of our valuable customers and are committed to provide excellent services during whole warranty period.

High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Quality is an attitude in Megamax both for supply and services.

Efficiency & Power

Efficiency & Power

Megamax not only complete installation with efficiency but installed systems are hallmark of efficient system both in terms of performance and Power Generation.