Reasons to Go Solar For Group Housing Society

Electricity costs are the biggest expenditure for a housing society among all monthly expenses. They need to pay a high utility bill for consuming electricity for the common area activities or facilities. Cutting down this cost is a major challenge because, in today’s world, almost everything needs electricity to work efficiently. For example, charging mobile phones, laptops, home appliances, commercial equipment, industrial machinery, and more.

To adopt a sustainable, affordable, and reliable source of power, solar panels are becoming the favorite way of electricity production in India. Among all energy sources available on the planet, sunlight is a highly abundant resource that lasts for an eternal period. Reduced incurred costs and uninterrupted power supply are two main reasons why group housing societies in metropolitan cities and India’s villages are opting for the solar energy systems. They are practically investing in free power production that reduce monthly utility bill and CAM (common area maintenance) charges.    

How Solar Panels Work for Group Housing Societies?

There is not much difference between solar panels for an individual home and residential societies. They differentiate based on the quantity of electricity produced. Since solar systems for apartments and residential flats are designed to meet the power demands of multiple houses, they produce a huge quantity of electricity.

The electricity production process starts with the collection of sunlight falling on the surface of the solar panel for residential society. The PV cells of the panel convert the collected sunlight into DC power which is then converted into AC power via a solar inverter. The AC power is then transferred into a bi-directional meter designed to manage the power requirements of the common area of the group housing society.

The bi-directional meter records how many units are imported from the grid and the total number of additional units send to the grid. If the produced solar energy for housing society is more than the power used and extra energy is supplied to the grid, then you will receive credits from DISCOM for the power you send. However, if the produced electricity is less and you will have to take additional electricity from DISCOM, then you will have to pay for that.  

Why Choose Solar Energy for Group Residential Society?

The following are the top benefits of adopting a solar system for residential flats

Reduce common area electricity bills

One of the major benefit of choosing a flat or an apartment with an integrated solar system is that it helps save on utility bills of common areas or facilities. For example, clubhouse, parking lots, society gym, water pumps, common area lighting, corridors, lifts, garden lighting, and more.

Solar panels for group housing societies generate a high amount of electricity. This eventually reduces the costs of common area electricity usage. Yes, the initial cost of solar system installation will be expensive but the long-term savings on electricity bills will prove it a worthwhile investment. The installation cost will no longer remain a financial burden for the property owner.

Minimal maintenance

Solar systems or panels for residential societies also help save the monthly common area maintenance cost. Once installed, the panels last for more than 25 years with occasional cleaning and maintenance. It will take many years before requiring any type of maintenance. Just be sure to remove the accumulated dust and dirt from the surface of the systems a few times yearly. Annual maintenance contract (AMC) service can also be availed from installation providers.     

Positive environmental impact

Compared to conventional power sources like natural gas, oil, and coal which cause various environmental pollution and greenhouse gases, solar energy is much safer for the environment. It is a sustainable choice as it doesn’t emit any harmful gases, waste, or pollutants that cause health hazards. Installing a solar panel for the group housing society will contribute to the well-being of the environment and residents. It also creates a positive image of the building owner for taking social responsibility for saving mother earth.

Government subsidies, incentives, and rebates

Just like for rooftop solar panels for home, the Indian government is providing different subsidies for solar installation for residential society. The stamp duty on installation can be reduced significantly even up to 50% based on the subsidy provided in your state or locality.

Different financing options are also offered by different agencies. This starts from a 20% down payment after which monthly EMIs can be obtained based on the requirement. Consult a professional solar installer in your area to learn about various rebates, schemes, or other options and their processes.  

Enhance property value

Going solar for group housing society can also improve the value of a specific apartment or other residential property in the present and coming years. Since buyers are becoming more conscious about energy efficiency and sustainability, the solar-equipped apartment will surely become their first choice. They are more interested in purchasing a property that can save their electricity costs, which are rising continuously.

On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

On-grid solar systems have lower installation and maintenance charges because they are connected to the local grid. Users of these systems can consider a net metering policy to send the extra power to the grid and receive credits in exchange for exported power. An off-grid solar energy system is installed independently from the local power grid and uses solar batteries for storing extra generated power. They are perfect to install in areas having an inconsistent or insufficient supply of electricity.

How Can I Ensure Effortless Solar Power Housing Systems Installation?

To get the installation of solar power systems for group housing society, there is a need to get the approval of the residents. Megamax Solar, the trusted solar panel installer, take pride in helping its clients with a consultative approach, solar system installation, and after-sales services. The industry experts create awareness of the multiple benefits of installing solar energy residential systems among residents and let them realize its importance. Moreover, you will get the best suggestions on the types and numbers of solar panels beneficial for your residential society, and best-in-class installation.  

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