Dispelling 10 Surprisingly Common Solar Myths

In recent years, the number of people have installed solar panels on their residential and commercial buildings as a clean and renewable form of energy that does not produce any harmful greenhouse gas emissions or any pollution. Solar panels that can last 25 to 30 years or more are becoming increasingly cost-competitive with conventional electricity sources. And if there’s one way to save money on electricity bills, it’s by installing solar systems.

Despite rising demand, some homeowners may still be hesitant to adopt solar power because of several misconceptions they have read or heard of. Let’s discover some common myths and misconceptions that are preventing you from reaping the benefits of solar electric fences installation or other solar systems.

Solar energy is not right for me

Solar power could be a safe financial investment for all, regardless of the power outage in their locality. It is the best investment with no market risks and better ROI. You can invest in solar energy even when you have 24-hour access to the utility power or grid. It not only provides a constant supply of reliable energy but also offers good returns on money. You can get an ROI of anywhere between 20-40 percent in a year as reduced electricity bills. Since solar energy is good for the environment, it is definitely right for you.

A solar system is a costly affair

In the last few years, the prices of solar energy have come down drastically to make it affordable for all of us. You can set up a solar system at home at as low as a few thousand rupees. Additionally, plenty of financing options are available to make it less expensive for customers.

Different types and sizes of solar solutions are provided based on the buyer’s needs. You can purchase the most suitable system after choosing the desired financing option and converting them into appropriate EMIs under short or long-term loans. You can cover some portion of the installation cost by availing of the solar subsidy provided in your state.

Solar system works only when there is sunshine

Some people have created a misconception that solar systems like solar traffic lights installation, solar water pumps, solar rooftop panels, etc. work only when there is sunshine because it uses sunlight for producing electricity. But, the reality is that solar energy can be used in virtually any condition like snowy days, rainy days, winter, and summer. This is because India receives enough sunlight throughout the year, nearly 300 days. Solar battery storage can be connected to panels to use stored energy at night and during power outages. Your electricity will stay on even when the power cuts in your neighborhood.

I live in a rented home so I can’t opt for solar power

You don’t need the ownership of your home to go solar. Community solar programs are a perfect solution for people living in a rented house or an apartment building. Using this program, multiple people can benefit from the single shared solar array that can be installed off-site or on a building. The installation and purchasing cost is then divided among all participants. Anyone can purchase the system as per their requirement.

Solar power can power my house when there is no power

Since we live on grid connectivity, there is a possibility that the power goes out when the main grid system goes down. In that situation, the inverter finds out that the grid has been switched off and then turns down the solar electricity production.

Getting started with a solar system is extremely challenging

It is not true at all. Going solar is too easy. It can be installed as easily as other household appliances. First, you need to do a proper site inspection to pick the right system and then get the necessary approvals from the distribution company (essential for net-metering solutions). Learn ground mount vs. roof mount solar systems to choose the appropriate one for your residential or commercial power needs.

Once you have purchased a suitable solar system from a reliable supplier, you can get it installed quickly by getting services from a trusted and professionally-trained installer. If you’re considering an on-grid solution, the solar company will take care of all required government certificated and clearances to provide installation with great convenience and no hassles.    

Rooftop solar can damage your roof

Not at all even installing rooftop solar panels can protect your roof by preserving the area they’re installed in. The panels are positioned on the top of the roof rather than physically connecting to it. Whenever you need roof repair, the rooftop panels can be easily removed. To cover the gap between the roof and panels, apply the sealant. Also, the mounts are protected by a cover or a metal flashing that provides extra protection to the roof.

Solar is not a reliable solution

This is not a real fact either because solar technology has improved in the last few years. In the present time, solar power plants can be connected with other sources of power for a consistent and more reliable supply of electricity.

The solar cost is decided based on the property size

Instead of the size of the property, the cost of the solar system is dependent on the system’s efficiency. The higher the solar panel efficiency, the higher will be the panel cost. The installation pricing is also affected by several parameters like the specific needs of a customer, slopes, and orientation of the roof, and more. When building a roof, consider the surrounding area to make sure the absorption of sunlight is not affected by nearby shady obstacles like tall buildings or trees.

Heavy electrical appliances can’t be powered with solar energy

On-grid solar systems are highly efficient to power the entire home. A household can run all kinds of electrical gadgets and home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. The connectivity of the solar power plant with the local grid helps in sharing the load thereby preventing the power loss. In case, there is a shortage of solar power due to lack of sunlight, the power needs will be met by your local distributed companies operated grid.   

So, now that you understand that all these are just misconceptions and don’t hold any truth, going solar would be a great decision for you. It is always recommended to remember that technological development keeps on changing considering the latest trends and consumers’ demands. So, it’s good to determine all essential facts with your solar system installer before coming to any conclusion.

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