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Solar power is a worthwhile investment for everyone who wants to save the environment and enjoy financial benefits. Once you install the solar system, you can let Sun pay the bill for you.

Wondering how the sun, which is a natural resource, can pay utility bill for you? Switching to solar power will reduce your monthly electricity bill by up to 70-90% based on the solar power production capacity of your system. Plus, it provides the opportunity to earn money in revenue by availing of a net metering policy that allows receiving credits by sending extra produced power to the grid.

Solar power is a true form of green energy that causes zero pollution and emit no harmful greenhouse gases causing environmental and health hazards. To ensure the mass adoption of renewable and clean solar energy and make it affordable for all customers, Megamax Solar is providing a comprehensive range of solar solutions.   

If you want rooftop solar panels for home or commercial property, you can trust Megamax Solar serving the solar industry for many years. This is a one-stop destination where you will get reliable systems and solutions for all your solar requirements. Let’s discover some of the solar systems this company has to offer to residential and commercial users.

Solar Rooftop Panels

Struggling with paying high electricity bills for unreliable power access? Get the installation of solar rooftop panels on the roof of your residential or commercial building. Moving to these systems could provide you with more than half of your conventional electricity with no higher utility bills.

You just need to ensure that you have a strong roof to handle solar panels and there must be a shade-free area to get sufficient sun exposure on the surface of the panel. Once installed, the panels will produce free electricity for more than 25 years.

On-Ground Solar Systems

Solar is not just for those having enough roof space but for everyone. On-ground solar systems get installed by standard mount or pole mount. They’re the best solar system for residential flats or businesses that don’t have perfect conditions for solar rooftop panels.

Some on-ground systems can move with the sun to harness the most solar radiation throughout the day. Compared to rooftop panels, these systems capture more solar energy without requiring most of the southern exposure. But, they need more installation space than rooftop systems.          

Solar Streetlight

Solar streetlights are powered by sunlight and turn on/off automatically. These lights are made of quality LED lights/luminaries, support structure, battery, controller, and panels. They are installed on the lighting structure or the pole to power up street lights at night or in darkness.

Megamax Solar street lights can be installed on streets, parks, highways, or other public areas without requiring electric wiring connectivity. They are connected with remote management cloud-based software for seamless monitoring of the lights.  

Solar Garden Light

Solar energy can power your garden and enhance its overall appeal without worrying about electricity bills. These lights are available in numerous varieties to match your garden décor and switch on/off automatically. Solar garden lights are designed with weatherproof and waterproof technology to produce sufficient solar power in all weather conditions.  

Solar Tele Communication Tower

The Telecom industry is noticing significant cost savings after switching from diesel generators to solar energy for power supply and backup at remote locations. Having no physical pressure leading to any wear and tear make solar power more reliable for the Telecom sector.  

Solar Micro Grid

Those living or running a business in remote areas where there is a lack of insufficient and inconsistent supply of electricity can benefit from cost-effective solar microgrid solutions. In solar microgrid systems, solar panels are linked in an array. The solar electricity is transmitted to PCU – Power Conducting Units, which supply power to streetlights, homes, offices, and extra power to Battery Bank for storage, to be used at night or during power outages.

Solar Water Pumping Stations

This is an advanced solar technology that ensures the constant supply of water to agricultural fields by drawing water from a deep well. These water pumps can run during the day time and their solar panels can be used to supply power to homes when the pumps are not running.

Solar Advertising Light Box

Megamax Solar provides the installation of outdoor advertisement systems and billboards in remote areas or where connecting these boards is a costly affair. From advertisement billboard installation to period cleaning and maintenance, the company offers comprehensive solar services for effortless operation.  

Solar Traffic Lights

Best-in-class Megamax solar traffic lights are powered with high-frequency crystalline solar panels that provide efficient visibility even in severe climatic conditions. The long-lasting technology produces light that works in power cuts and during major disasters. These traffic lights can be installed simply by mounting the solar panel on the current traffic light pole and appropriate connections.

Solar Electric Fences

Solar fencing is a modernized security method that provides effective security. These systems guarantee the complete safety of the property without causing any physical harm to animals or human beings. Solar fence makes use of renewable solar power and is completely reliable as it doesn’t depend on the grid. The shock is strong and brief. Whenever an individual or animal touches the solar fence, the electric circuit is done by linking to the ground, delivering a short electric shock without any major damage or loss of life.   

Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Megamax Solar provides solar EV charging station installation and after-sales services to ensure trouble-free functioning. When there is no electrical vehicle for charging, generated solar electricity can be stored in the solar battery. The stored power can be sent to the inverter for charging.  

So, if you want to make an effort towards creating a sustainable environment and save up on your utility bills, then go with Megamax Solar. The experts will help you in determining the sun number score of your building and getting the installation of the most appropriate solar system.

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