10 Best Solar Panels for Residential and Commercial Buildings in India

You may have heard or read it multiple times “Solar energy is the renewable and clean source of energy that helps reduce electricity bills and fight against climate challenges.” The Indian government has also launched several campaigns and also provides subsidies, incentives, and other financial assistance to ensure the mass adoption of sustainable sources of electricity.

The leading manufacturers of the solar industry are presenting different types of solar systems. So, it is quite challenging for customers to decide which solar panel to purchase and install to ensure worthwhile renewable sunny investment for homes and offices. In this post, you’ll walk through the top 10 solar panels for residential buildings and offices.

Tata Solar – Polycrystalline Solar Panels

This is India’s most trusted and largest solar manufacturing company providing premium-quality solar panels for residential and commercial requirements. Tata Solar offers mono, poly, and multi-crystalline on-grid and off-grid solar systems with long-lasting durability at the most reasonable rates.

The efficiency and weight of the panels vary from 15-18% and 19-22kg respectively based on the module and use. All solar panels come with 25 years performance warranty and corrosion-proof feature.

Vikram Solar – Multi-crystalline Solar Panels

Vikram Solar is another well-known solar manufacturer in India having a reliable presence over the world as well. The company offers both on-grid and off-grid systems with higher efficiencies for residential flats, office buildings, and homes.

The Vikram solar panels perform optimally with an efficiency of up to 19% in low light and dim climatic conditions. All modules are corrosion-resistant and ammonia-free. Moreover, they are all certified with international standards. The company manufactures residential solar panels with 20-22kg weight.

Luminous Solar – Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Operating more than seven manufacturing plants, Luminous Solar creates advanced residential rooftop solar panels in different varieties with an excellent efficiency rate. Apart from solar panels, the company manufactures solar LED lights, switches, solar inverters, and fans in India. The efficiency rate may range from 15-16% for polycrystalline panels and up to 19% for mono-crystalline solar panels.

Luminous solar panels feature enhanced multi-layer protection and low power loss technology to prevent dust accumulation, damage, and power loss. They are manufactured with EVA (ethyl and vinyl acetate) and weather-proof materials.  

Spark Solar – Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Spark Solar has a best-in-quality solar system for commercial building, homes, and residential buildings. The modules are designed considering the highest standard to ensure optimal performance, the best efficiency of up to 20.1%, and great durability. Customers across the world are preferring Spark solar panels for environment-friendly modules and get a good value for their investment. The panels are 100% EL test certified and manufactured using advanced glass with 5 bus bar design.   

Microtek Solar- Multi Crystalline Solar Panels

Microtek 150 watts solar panels work on 12V and produce 150 output power. They are created using the best quality material to operate efficiently in low light conditions with low maintenance. Microtek solar panels can work in 44 to 85 degree Celsius temperatures as they are certified with thermal and freezing tests. The modules have a 12kg weight and the panels can operate with 22% efficiency in light conditions.

Exide Solar- Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Exide Solar is another leading player in the Indian solar industry manufacturing solar panels, solar lights, and solar inverters in less cost range with excellent specifications. Exide solar panels for a home can be used in on and off-grid systems. The solar panels easily touch 20-22% efficiency and can work in 44-85 degree Celsius temperatures as they are designed with freezing and thermal proofing, and high tensile strength.  

REC Solar – Mono-crystalline Solar Panels

REC Group is a European company established in Norway and has a great presence in the Indian solar market. The company provides mono-crystalline P-type solar panels, N-type solar panels, Hydro junction, on-grid & off-grid solar panels, and low-cost rooftop solar panels. The efficiency may range from 16-21.7% based on different modules of systems. REC solar rooftop panels come with 25 years of performance warranty and are known for their warranty claim ratio.  

Havells Solar – Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Havells polycrystalline solar panels are made of Silver anodized Aluminum alloys and corrosion and dust-proof materials. The reliable panels operate in all environmental conditions producing output with a 13.5-16.7% efficiency rate. They weigh up to 21.5kg.  

Loom Solar- Mono-crystalline Loom Solar Panels

Loom Solar mono-crystalline module is A-grade module for customers who want solar system installation on their rooftops. This Indian company manufactures grid-connected solar systems, solar panels, inverters, battery backup systems, and more solar-related products with improved quality and extremely lower prices. The solar panels are designed with weather-resistant materials and feature 10 years of product warranty and 25 years performance warranty.  

Navitas Solar – Multi-crystalline Solar Panels

Navitas mono and multi models are manufactured to produce electricity via on-grid as well as off-grid solar systems.  Navitas solar panels have a 16.83-18% efficiency rate, up to 22kg weight, 10 years of product warranty, and 25 years of performance warranty. All modules are 100% EI tested and PID resistant.

Megamax Solar Provides the Installation of Best Solar Panels!

Megamax Solar is a well-recognized solar installer providing the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the best solar panels for many years. To ensure the long-lasting and optimal performance of installed solar systems, the company offers rooftop solar system maintenance through annual maintenance contract service (AMC) at the agreed time.

The experts will visit your site for a thorough site inspection and determine the solar suitability of your building and your power consumption requirement. After detailed analysis, experts will guide you in purchasing the right solar panel for your home and/or office, and also assist you with solar loans.

The solar system will be installed professionally and perfectly by following the step-by-step process and coupled with after-sales services. Alongside solar panels, you can contact Megamax Solar for an extensive range of solar solutions and systems for homes, commercial, and residential areas.  

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