How Megamax Solar is Making NCR’s Solar Landscape Brighter?

India’s capital Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the nation. The harmful effects of increasing pollution have now spread to Noida and more surrounding areas. To combat this issue and secure a healthier and pollution-free environment, Delhi, NCR has come a long way increasing the adoption of renewable solar energy. According to research, Delhi has experienced some rise in the installed capacity of solar power plants over the past few years to achieve clean energy goals and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Even though the government is promoting solar power in multiple ways, residential users are not highly interested in installing solar system for residential flats and homes. The reason is the expensive installation cost and the difficulties of finding and installing the most suitable solar panels. To help residential users make their homes solar-powered with no cost complications and an easier process, Megamax Solar offers a wide range of solar solutions at reasonable cost and convenient financial options.

Residential solar systems to meet the power needs of the entire home

At Megamax Solar, our expert team has completely studied the local climatic conditions of NCR, rules & regulations regarding solar power installation, and the solar power needs of homes. We have become a very popular and trusted choice among residents of NCR for installing customized solar solutions for each homeowner.  

Solar rooftop panels

The rooftop solar panels are solar systems installed on the rooftops of residential and commercial buildings to produce renewable electricity that powers the entire home. How many household appliances or electrical gadgets you can run using solar panels depends on the size and capacity of your solar system.

Installing solar panels on your home’s rooftop can reduce your electricity bill from 50-90% based on your power consumption. Once installed, you can enjoy the benefits of residential solar for about 25-30 years or even more with minimal maintenance required. The trained professionals install solar panels perfectly and quickly to ensure good solar power production and no damage.  

On-ground solar systems

Some homeowners are unable to adopt solar energy because they don’t have sufficient space on their roofs for solar installation. To help these people power their homes with cost-effective and green solar energy, Megamax Solar installs on-ground solar systems. These systems are installed at the ground level and operate much similarly to rooftop solar panels. On-ground solar systems are usually more expensive than rooftop solar panels, they could maximize your electricity production.

These systems can be your best option if your roof doesn’t face the right direction (south, east, or west), is not at the right orientation/angle, or has some obstructions like shady areas, chimneys, etc. Also, if your home power consumption is higher, on-ground solar systems will prove beneficial. The reason is that rooftop panels might not produce sufficient power while on-ground systems can be sized to meet your power needs without any space restrictions.

Solar solutions to power your garden

Not just your home but you can now save the electricity cost of powering your garden with Megamax Solar garden lights. The decorative garden lights are environment-friendly because they harness solar energy and can be easily installed without requiring trenching or wiring.

The compact-designed solar garden lights have premium-quality battery backup and long-life solar cells. The automatic on and off mechanism allows lights to turn on and off automatically in the morning and evening. Just like all other solar systems, Megamax solar garden lights need occasional cleaning and withstand different climatic conditions as they are weatherproof and water-resistant.

We have a comprehensive range of solar garden lights for residential and commercial users. You can choose from fence lights, spotlights, post lights, decks, security lights, and more. We will assist you in choosing and installing the most suitable and energy-efficient solar light that highlights special elements of your garden by creating a well-lit garden.

Solar solutions to advertise your business

To encourage the use of sustainable solar power all over Delhi, NCR, Megamax Solar provides solar solutions for commercial purposes as well. Businesses can reduce their electricity bills and operating costs by switching to traditional sources of power with cost-effective solar energy. We provide the installation of solar-powered billboards and outdoor advertisement systems to let companies do advertisements both day and night.

Whether you wish to advertise your brand or business on a highway or simple roads, we are here to help you with a solar advertising light box that brings the attention of travelers. You can do advertisements for different outdoor occasions with solar-powered billboards, road nameplates, garbage sorting bins, and other advertisement boxes. Our solar billboard consists of a bright flood light and a wide distribution pattern for providing proper lighting to all areas of a billboard.

While working with us, you will get complete solutions for solar-equipped advertising light boxes or billboards including installation, timely cleaning, and maintenance. Since these advertising boxes are not connected to the main grid, there is no risk of getting an electric shock or fire accident. They can effectively operate in an environment of low temperature and insufficient power supply.

Solar advertising systems come with an advanced battery to store excess electricity and provide backup during nighttime. An effective solar billboard or advertising light box can be used constantly for five rainy days without releasing carbon emissions and saving energy.      

Flexible financing options

We understand that expensive upfront costs of solar system installation can be a problem for many residential and commercial users. To provide affordable and convenient installation, we offer different flexible financing options. Alongside having a team of solar specialists, we have partnerships with reliable financial institutions.

Our rooftop solar system providers in Delhi NCR will assist you in selecting the right solar system and guide you with customizable solar loans and convenient installment plans. Thus, you no longer have to deal with financial obstacles while adopting solar energy. Since the day of establishment, we have helped many residential and commercial users get an easier installation of top-quality solar systems with great financing options. Moreover, we are constantly helping many people and companies in claiming their solar subsidies, tax benefits, and incentives by guiding them with the best options available to them.

If you are ready to begin your solar journey with us, contact us via call or mail and schedule a free consultation. When we all come together to increase solar power use, we can make the entire solar landscape of NCR or the nation much brighter.

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