Why Megamax Solar Become the Leading Solar Partner for Residents of NCR?

Providing reliable and satisfactory solar solutions with best-in-class solar systems, Megamax Solar has become the preferred solar partner for homeowners in NCR. Keep reading to find reasons why residents in NCR consider Megamax Solar as a go-to solar installer and why you can rely on them to meet your solar needs.

Free & detailed consultation session

At Megamax Solar, we understand the value of client’s time and money. That’s why we provide free and comprehensive consultation sessions that allow clients to discuss every crucial aspect of solar installation before investing in solar power.

The experts will thoroughly understand your requirements like power consumption of your home, how much you can afford to invest, site conditions, how much electricity bill you currently receive, and more. Based on your needs, the experts will end up suggesting the best-in-class solar system that comes within your budget and meets your customized solar energy requirements.     

A range of high-quality solar solutions

Megamax Solar offers an exclusive range of world-class and premium-quality solar system for commercial building, homes, and residential flats. If you have sufficient space on your rooftop, you may get solar rooftop panel installation that can be installed simply on your roof without requiring additional land. However, if you lack space on your roof or have a shaded area, on-ground solar systems would be your best solar choice.

On-ground systems are ground-mounted and provide maximum solar power production. They are good if you have higher power consumption needs. Not just to power your home or office, but we bring you the finest collection of solar garden lights that can renovate your existing garden by highlighting the key elements.

To ensure the safety of your garden or property, you can also consider installing Megamax solar electric fences that offer a short and strong electric shock when someone touches them. The shock doesn’t cause major damage to any individual or animal.

To lighten up every street of NCR, we provide the installation of solar streetlights integrated with a high-quality rechargeable battery, support structure, and LED light. The automatic on-off feature allows the lights to turn on and off automatically during sunset and sunrise. They can be installed on the streets, housing complexes, highways, roads, and factory premises.

Improved efficiency level and power

We not only provide complete installation with enhanced solar efficiency but you will get installed systems with the hallmarks of an efficient system. All solar systems and solutions are reliable in terms of power generation and performance.

Local expertise and dedication to safety

Before starting our business as the best rooftop solar system installers in Delhi NCR, we researched the local solar landscape of NCR and local climate conditions and are constantly doing that. We are well-informed about the solar regulatory policies of the city and the unique residential solar requirements of homeowners.

The detailed and updated knowledge helps us install solar solutions perfectly customized to improve solar power production efficiency and cost savings for NCR residents. We are dedicated to supreme quality and generation of the solar electricity safely. Installers carefully install solar panels to prevent a second visit and any damage or destruction.  

Good reputation

Our proven track record of satisfied clients is the biggest proof of our reputation and reliability. We never force our customers to believe in what we’re committing but make their own decisions after learning from the experiences of our previous and existing clients. We are proud to have a huge database of satisfied clients and receiving positive feedback from them.  

Best solar warranties  

We provide the best product, performance, and other warranties as applicable to the installed system to ensure the long-lasting and effective functioning of the system. We respect the trust of our clients that’s why we are committed to offering reliable and satisfactory services throughout the warranty period.

Before installing the solar systems, we will guide you about different associated warranties and coverage. The solid guarantee will protect you from unforeseen situations and emergencies that could affect solar system functioning and power production capacity. We commit that the product quality will not be destroyed over time.

AMC services

We accompany our clients beyond solar panel installation with customized annual maintenance contract (AMC) packages with solar installation. These packages or services relieve customers from the stress of necessary cleaning and maintenance. Skilled technicians visit the client’s site to conduct the essential inspection, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement, ensuring the system is working at its peak efficiency.  

Government solar schemes and policies

We at Megamax Solar help customers understand and analyze different solar subsidies, tax benefits, and other incentives or schemes offered by the Indian government. For example, solar subsidies, assured PPAs, capital subsidies, net metering policy, etc. By leveraging these types of financial supports from the government, many homeowners in Delhi, NCR have achieved their dream of solar installation with maximized savings and faster ROI.

Solar loans & installment plans

With the flat purchasing cost of solar panels, installation, and future maintenance charges, solar system investment comes with spending a huge amount. Many homeowners wish to go solar but eliminate their desire due to heavy investment.

We have a proven record of helping these people in making their homes solar-equipped by analyzing and getting the best solar loan with the lowest annual interest rate. We have connections with reliable financing institutions and solar financial experts who help customers analyze different installment payment plans that can be customized to meet their unique needs.  


At the bottom line, Megamax Solar is a safe and smart decision for NCR residents thinking of adopting solar power. You will get a free consultation regarding the area required for solar panel installation, which solar panel you must choose, and lots more things. We pay attention to your requirements and concerns like your site conditions, loads, electricity consumption, and other needs. This helps us in designing the installation accordingly.

After understanding your requirements, we assist you in selecting the suitable solar energy system and financial plans that best suit your budget. Next, we use logic and data to learn the potential impact of a specific solar system. Then, our experts move to the next step of proper installation and maintenance.

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