Be Careful While Purchasing Solar Panels to Save Money

Solar modules with reliable solar installation can produce electricity for about 25 years or more to help you reduce power bills and enjoy more cost savings. The solar module performance differs significantly based on the used materials.

To reduce the upfront cost of solar system purchase and installation, some people consider purchasing low-cost or used/second-hand solar panels. This may prove beneficial in minimizing the amount you invest but will cost you more by turning your solar investment into a disaster that requires spending more money for recovery.

Determining the performance of different solar modules and materials is important to ensure safe and durable operations for your solar photovoltaic systems. To win the race, some solar brands compromise the product quality to stay price-competitive. This results in system failure before their expected lifespan.

If you’re thinking of purchasing second-hand or low-cost solar panels to avail of cost saving through solar power and go green, then read this post first. Here, you’ll find the information essential for safe decision-making while going solar.                 

What happens when using low-quality or used solar panels?

The long-lasting functions and power production efficiency are highly dependent on the quality of photovoltaic modules and other materials used in manufacturing solar panels. Thus, if you are using poor quality solar systems or used solar panels with poor durability, it may lead to electrical safety hazards, quick power degradation, or catastrophic failure of solar photovoltaic systems.

Used solar panels may go through several challenging climatic conditions over the years like storms, heavy rain, etc. There will always be the chance that the system is damaged. Some of them may be visible while others can only be determined with testing. The testing won’t be performed until the system has been installed, which is not cheap. With these systems, you can’t claim solar warranties and solar power rebates thereby paying more for system maintenance.

Difficulty in finding a professional installer

By purchasing used solar panels, you risk the possibility of hiring a professional solar installer. This is because installing second-hand or poor-quality systems can put the company’s reputation at risk. They will not be able to determine the history and quality of the systems to be installed.

Solar system performance

Second-hand solar panels or solar systems comprising outdated technology will underperform comparing to today’s innovative solar systems. The performance reduces as the system ages. Most solar panels will offer 90% solar production for about 10 years and 80% for the next 15 years. Older systems can also deal with fluctuations due to damaged solar cells, age, and/or outdated technology.

Fluctuations in performance may result in higher electricity generation one day and a complete reduction another day despite being sunny weather. Keep in consideration that alongside the warranty, AMC packages might be voided when purchasing used systems or solar panels from unreliable installers. This may cost you higher rooftop solar system maintenance by paying a higher amount straight from your pocket.         

Solar technology keeps on updating

The solar industry keeps on developing and presenting highly innovative solar panels featuring higher energy efficiencies and competitive prices. Buying used or outdated solar systems that are still in perfect working condition will have outdated PV technology and generate power less efficiently than advanced solar panels.

To save more money in the long run, you can consider installing modern and more efficient solar panels with higher-watt instead of low-cost outdated solar modules.

For example, today’s solar panels are mono-crystalline. Solar cells of these systems are made from a single crystal of silicon. Hence, they are more efficient. Possibly, the used solar panels can be polycrystalline, meaning these systems have solar cells made from multiple silicon fragments melted together instead of individually. These polycrystalline panels may seem highly affordable but might be less efficient.    

Consider this before investing in solar energy

Purchasing and installing a solar system is not just about getting the system with the lowest initial cost. You will find a long list of solar companies providing solar panels at cheaper prices and reduced quality. You need to stay away from such non-descript names and find a reliable solar installer that has a good reputation in the market and trustworthy relations with customers.

Before you go for solar investment, remember that a solar system is not only a set of five to six components but it’s more than that. It is differentiated by several factors like quality, safety, design, engineering, and more. The preferred solar system must have the capacity to produce sufficient solar energy every day for at least 25 years.

New solar systems from well-recognized companies are a safe investment

By purchasing and installing advanced solar systems comprising the latest technologies, from industry-recognized installers, you can ensure a beneficial and safe investment. The licensed solar installers help in choosing solar panels that meet the solar policies and regulations of your local region.

Professionals carefully and properly perform the installation avoiding multiple visits and any imperfection. This will give you immense peace of mind that your system will work efficiently in producing maximum solar electricity and reducing your utility costs. You can rest assured that if there will be any issues, you will get them covered by warranties. Your solar investment will become completely worthwhile along with getting an annual maintenance contract, leveraging solar incentives, and more benefits.

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