Solar Power in India – A Cost-Effective and Renewable Sunny Investment

Using clean, green, and renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly crucial to fight against climatic changes. The use of sustainable solar power is widely supported by the Indian government to reduce the negative impact of fossil fuels producing harmful gas emissions that increase global warming. The solar power sector manufacture and install systems to produce solar power using sunlight.

Overview of solar power in India

The energy usage of India is anticipated to increase more than any other country in the future due to the rising size and promise for higher growth and development. Solar energy in rural and urban areas of India provides numerous benefits. Rooftop solar panel is changing the way we power our homes by using renewable solar electricity for various applications. For example, you can use it for lighting, cooking, heating, charging devices, drying, and more purposes.

Since sunlight is a renewable source that will never exhaust and is available in abundance, the future of solar energy in India seems highly bright.Solar systems convert sunlight into electrical power either through mirrors concentrating solar radiation or via photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar panels have roughly 25-30 years lifespan and provide the cheapest form of electricity. The panels come in a wide range of shades based on the material used in manufacturing.

What makes solar energy systems perfect in India?

Solar energy in India has a bright future due to its tropical location. Many Indian states receive approximately 4-7 kWh per sq. meter of sunlight every day, thereby producing enough electricity to meet daily needs and save for emergency use during outages. Alongside this, solar power provides several different advantages to residential and commercial users –

  1. Solar energy is an ideal alternative to traditional non-renewable sources of electricity as it helps in saving on monthly power bills.
  2. It is an eco-friendly and clean source of energy that releases zero toxic gases like carbon dioxide during production and usage. No water or air pollution is created as solar systems leave no residue that pollutes the land or the environment. Solar power in India is a blessing from Mother Nature as it reduces the carbon footprint and drops the drastically increasing global warming.
  3. You don’t require a power grid to use solar power as it can be installed anywhere after some inspection and an energy audit. You just need to ensure the place you’re installing the system receives enough amount of sunlight and doesn’t have much shady area.
  4. Adopting solar energy in India helps in reducing the possibility of several life-threatening diseases like tumors and cancers caused due to pollution created by different fossil fuels.
  5. Alongside saving on monthly electricity bills, solar system owners can gain profit by selling off their excess solar energy production to the grid. Moreover, the Indian government is also providing several tax benefits, schemes, and incentives for homeowners to encourage the use of renewable energy in India.
  6. People living in remote areas or regions having no conventional electricity supply can go for renewable sunny investments. You don’t have to spend high utility bills for lighting your beautiful garden and increase its attractiveness. Instead, you can go with solar garden lighting installation that allows automatic garden lighting with an affordable investment. These lights switch on and off automatically in the morning and evening.

Scope of the solar sector in India

India, with a higher population of more than 1 billion, has an electricity crisis despite being one of the largest electricity producers in the world. Currently, about 53% of power demands in India are fulfilled with coal, which is believed to last till 2050. So, it is high time for India to switch to environment-friendly solar energy that can even be harnessed in cloudy environments to meet power requirements. Solar power is intercepted by the planet Earth at a 10,000x greater rate than which people consume power.  

India’s geographical location can produce energy sufficient to meet its own power requirements and generate enough for the rest of the world. Many Indian states have the highest renewable energy capacity where solar modules can generate a sufficient amount of power even on cloudy or overcast days. There will be several upcoming solar projects in India to make the country a leader in renewable energy transition. Recently, India announces an investment of $4.3 billion in clean energy to improve the nation’s economy and provide more employment.

According to the study report of the National Institute of Solar Energy, India has great potential to produce about 748.98 GW of solar energy. The government announced strong subsidies for solar power projects. Also, the cost of solar panels and other vital components for solar power production has been dropped. This results in the tariff decreased from INR 7.8/kWh to INR 2.44/kWh. On the contrary, the average retail electricity cost has increased by 22% during the same time.

To make the solar power adoption movement revolutionary, there is a need for mass adoption by the community. So, it is important to go for rooftop solar panel installation as a segment to grow for solar. Reliable solar panel maintenance company are even providing lifetime support for complete customer satisfaction.                                


With so many advantages and increasing growth of the solar sector in India, there is no doubt that solar power in India is the best sunny investment. So, why are you holding yourself from going solar for your home? If you are wondering about large upfront investment and government documentation or paperwork required for the installation process, then don’t worry. Yes, it is true that solar installation is comparatively expensive but government provides many incentives for household installation. This covers much of the installation cost.

If you fear that solar rooftop panels will make your roof appear ugly, then you’re thinking wrong. Installing solar panels can even improve the value of your residential property. You will get the increased selling price of your solar-equipped property. Solar is a great investment that provides excellent returns in the long term. For more queries, contact the Megamax Solar experts providing the complete and efficient installation with the hallmark of power generation and exceptional performance.   

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