Solar Street Lights- An automatic lighting system

The sun is one of the most abundant sources of renewable energy. You must have seen solar panels integrated or mounted to street lights with a rechargeable battery that powers an LED lamp.

Solar street lights help promote green initiatives as they are environmentally friendly and economically lighting solutions. Solar LED street lights help deliver a favourable living environment with reduced costs. Some countries have already deployed LED street lights, which have proved fruitful results. It offers various advantages; they are: 

  • It eliminates the need for underground wiring, making solar street lighting systems the first and foremost choice for installations even in harsh environments and remote locations. 
  • It emits no carbon, no energy bills are incurred, and it cuts the ongoing costs. 
  • Even in urban areas, the solar street lights appeal to several outdoor lighting applications such as illumination of secondary roads, residential streets, driveways, pathways, parking lots and building perimeters.
  • Modern designs come with wireless technology and sophisticated control theory for battery management with the advancement of technology. 
  • The street lights use advanced technology to operate as a network, with each light capable of turning on and off the grid.
  • The operation costs are minimized, requiring less maintenance than traditional street lights.
  • It eliminates external wires leading to reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Electricity produced from solar panels is not harmful to the environment and can save energy costs.
  • Smart LED lights automatically turn on to full brightness when they feel human movement within a specific light radius.
  • Solar outdoor luminaires require almost no maintenance compared to conventional street lights.
  • Solar street lights are water-resistance and weatherproof and have low glare and insect attrition rates.

Disadvantages of the solar street light

The installation processes and purchasing of solar street light components are expensive, and some rechargeable batteries need to be changed from time to time. Some solar street lights might not work effectively on rainy and cloudy days because of the unavailability of sunlight. It can be affected by moisture and snow.

Features & Benefits of Solar Street Light

  • Grid-free solar lighting for streets and roadways
  • Lower maintenance and installation costs 
  • zero electricity bills
  • Multiple control options for various needs
  • Five years maintenance-free and warranty up to 25 years

How Solar Street Lights Work

Solar LED street lights are modernized integrated solar street lights with enhanced features and components to control, manage and deliver an effective lighting experience.

These street lights are designed for easy installation and maintenance. How a solar street light works are as follows.

The solar panel collects the sun’s energy.

The Photo Voltaic module detects and absorbs the sun’s light rays. For the uninformed, there are two popular types of solar panels; Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

The Monocrystalline solar panel is commonly used in solar street light technologies due to its capturing the sun’s power, even in cloudy and cold weather. The solar panel is placed on the top of the pole through aluminium brackets.

The battery converts solar power to electrical energy and stores it.

Solar street lights have rechargeable batteries. It turns the energy captured from the sun into a rechargeable battery during the daytime and leverages it during the night to power up the LED lamp.

Rechargeable batteries are designed to retain a continuous flow of current for extended periods; hence, they effectively discharge currents without losing efficacy. Solar street light batteries are designed to work for more than a day, and their typical design allows them to provide light during the winter and rainy seasons.

There are two types of deep-cycle batteries; lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

The controller regulates the stored energy and communicates electronically with other devices.

The stored energy is regulated in the controller, which helps control voltage and current flow to prevent batteries from overcharging. It is usually installed between the solar panel and rechargeable battery to accept signals from both components. There are two main types of controllers; PWM and MPPT. While, modern Solar LED street lights are equipped with an MPPT charge controller, a more reliable charge controller than the PWM.

The street light controller functions to control:

  • Time 
  • Motion sensing
  • LVD disconnect
  • Dusk to dawn

When the controller detects that low incoming voltage, the LED light turns on automatically. However, when the voltage increases, it automatically turns off the LED light.

A remote management software (RMS) installed in the light sends signals to your device for monitoring the street lights.

The remote management software initiates active monitoring of light level performance so as not to overuse wattage and incur higher costs. It gives a complete report of the operational status of the solar street lighting system. It permits monitoring and controlling light fixtures via phone, PC or tablet.

Dusk till dawn street lighting with LED Light

The stored energy powered by solar panels is then used to power the LED street light at night. Manufacturers use LED lamp as it is the best energy-efficient lighting source.

Note: LED lamps only work from dusk till dawn as the light intensity is at its highest peak during these hours. A dimming effect is initiated during peak hours, but whenever the sensor detects people, it automatically adjusts to full brightness.

Why Megamax Solar? 

Megamax Solar Street lights, are fitted with energy-efficient luminaires and are highly economical & environment friendly. We supply both Off-Grid and Grid Tie Solar Street Light.

Our Street Lights are loaded with:

  • Automatic All-day Operation without any human interferences
  • Total Cable-Free Operation
  • Energy-efficient Luminaires
  • The customer has enough options to select Street Light based on brightness and wattage requirements.

These unmatchable and smart features of our solar LED street lights allow people to rely on these types of lights. Trusting Megamax Solar can be advantageous due to several benefits like high efficacy LED with uniform street lighting distribution, constructed with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel, and many more.

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