Solar Home Lighting System-bring electricity to remote places

In rural areas of India, with a minimum scope of electricity, solar home lighting systems seem to be the perfect solution. Almost every rural Indian population depends on lamps for their living. Since kerosene lamps are expensive, kerosene oil is very hazardous and polluting. About 100,000 Indian villages do not have electricity access, so their productivity will be at stake. Solar lights will increase the efficiency of people by allowing them to work and live in peace. Installing a solar home lighting system will enable them to use their mobile phones, TVs and radios to entertain themselves. With the use of Solar Lights in rural places, the life of these people will undoubtedly change. It is an economical way to save on electricity costs and is environmentally friendly.

Let us now dive into the advantages of introducing solar home lighting systems in remote areas.

Solar Lamps or Solar Lanterns have been rapidly growing in rural parts due to the lack of access to grid electricity, high costs and ill effects of kerosene or gas lamps. Solar Lamps have been successfully implemented mainly due to their economic value rather than their green characteristics.

  • Solar lamps are 10 to 20 times brighter than kerosene lamps. 
  • Kerosene is health hazardous and can lead to various respiratory diseases. In comparison, solar lights are environmentally friendly. 
  • Kerosene lamps come in limited quantities; however, you can use solar lights indefinitely. 

Features of Solar Home lighting system:

A solar home lighting system consists of the following components:

Battery – Solar system comes with a Lead acid tubular battery.

Backup Time: Backup power for the whole night is with 2 days autonomy available.

Charging Duration: It gets charged during the day with the help of sunlight.

Warranty – Solar home lighting system comes with five years of warranty

Convenient to use – You have to plug and play. Capable of running light and fan loads.

It should provide enough electricity to fulfil the requirements. 

So below are the tips one should consider before installing solar home lighting systems.

Condition of roof: 

It is advised to repair the roof before installing solar panels. There should be enough space on the roof to support panels. It is also essential to assess whether the roof can hold weight or not to avoid any dangerous situation. 

Model of solar panel: 

Solar panels come in two kinds: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The monocrystalline solar panel comprises a single silicon crystal, and the polycrystalline solar panel comprises multiple silicon crystals. So choose wisely as per your requirements. 

Check warranty: 

It would be best to ask for warranty certificates; otherwise, you don’t miss out on these benefits.

Installation cost: 

The cost of installing a solar panel ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 6,00,000. The cost may rise depending upon the case. So it is essential to access the budget before installing solar panels. 

Application of solar technology: 

A solar lighting system is beneficial in: 

  • Transport
  • Outdoor Activities – Camping, Agriculture Works
  • School Projects
  • Homes
  • Street Shops
  • Boats

Solar energy refers to the use of solar radiation for practical ends.

However, other than geothermal and tidal, all renewable energies derive their energy from the sun. Solar technologies are broadly categorized as either passive or active depending on how they capture, convert and distribute sunlight. Active solar techniques use photovoltaic panels, pumps, and fans to convert sunlight into useful outputs.

Why Choose Megamax?

India is one of the top ten countries to utilize solar powerfully. The country has rapidly shifted towards alternative energy sources like solar panels and has set up a solar energy installation target of 175 GW by 2022. At the same time, India has announced a set of policies promoting solar energy adoption to achieve the goal. 

  1. High-efficiency solar panels 
  2. Lead Acid tubular battery

Hundreds of brands in India manufacture and market the latest solar panels in India. But Megamax, India’s leading solar energy product supplier, manufactures and supplies excellent solar products. 

The company has a vast range of solar products, including solar street lighting, solar inverters, solar lantern, solar led road studs, solar power plates, solar charge controllers etc. Megamax has become a renowned solar inverters manufacturer and solar outdoor lighting supplier by producing highly powerful solar inverters and solar outdoor lighting. 

Megamax provides a complete range of solar solutions:

Installation of Solar Zones

We offer modern and reliable solar panel installation solutions to create a sustainable solar zone.

Training and Maintenance

Our highly trained professional team cares for your solar installation maintenance and up-gradation needs.

Alternative Energy Sources

We offer you to choose clean and green energy sources for renewable electricity with our cost-effective solar solutions.

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