Solar energy vs. Generators – Which one you must use for your home?

When there is a power cut in your locality what is the first thing that you need? Yes, you are right! You need a power backup. Now when we speak about power back up there are 2 options that you can explore. These are generator and solar energy power backup.

Now comes the most important question. Should you buy a generator or connect with a rooftop solar installation company? To make the right decision it is important to compare the pros and cons of both these options.

First, check the details of the generator:

A generator is one of the most popular power backup systems. These power back systems use diesel or liquid propane or natural gas. For home use, there are manual generators which you have to start manually when there is a power cut. There are automatic generators that have sensors. These sensors detect the power outage and start working automatically.

Some of the important advantages of a generator are as follows:

Upfront generators seem to be a cost-effective option. Also connecting a generator to the existing natural gas line is very easy. The generators can provide a 24 by-7 power supply but for this, you need to provide ample fuel to the generator. Generators are available in different sizes. There are portable generators, medium-sized generators and also large generators which can work as a power back system for the entire home.

The drawbacks of generators also have to be considered:

Generators are very noisy and hence they are a source of noise pollution. These generators have to be maintained well if you want them to run for years together. They need monthly as well as annual maintenance and hence the cost of maintenance of generators is very high.

If the fuel in the generator is left there for a long time then it can result in issues. This can lead to problems in the working of the generator and you need to bear the repair costs.

Emissions from the generator cause air pollution and result in a high carbon footprint and they also emit an unpleasant smell.

Now some important aspects of solar energy systems:

Solar energy systems are being used for multiple things like running fans, air conditioners, Solar energy backup systems have batteries that are charged with the help of solar energy. This energy which is produced by the solar panels is stored and is used when there is a power cut.

In case of a power cut, the solar energy power back system gets the energy from the batteries that were charged with solar energy. The power backup provides an uninterrupted power supply to the home.

Here are the advantages of solar energy backup systems:

Solar energy backup systems run silently and so there is no question of noise pollution. These systems do not use any expensive fuels. They make use of clean and renewable energy which is obtained from the sun.

Since the power backup system batteries are getting charged with solar energy there is no need to use grid power. So, charging these systems is not adding to your energy bills. These solar energy backup systems operate seamlessly and they need low maintenance.

In India, the Government of India is promoting solar energy in a big way. To encourage more people to use solar energy the Indian Government is giving subsidies.

Are there any drawbacks to solar energy systems?

Now as compared to generators solar energy systems have few drawbacks. The upfront costs of solar energy systems seem to be on the higher side. The second drawback is that these solar power systems have limited capacity.

So, then what must you use? Generator or Solar energy?

Now we come to the important point and that is which option is best for your home. Some of you may be tempted to choose generators thinking that it is a cheaper option. But here you are only considering the upfront cost of buying the generator.

You have to take into account the overall costs of using a generator as a power backup system. Fuel has to be used to run the generator and we all know the rising cost of fuel. This is going to add to the operating cost of the generator.

Next, you cannot forget that generators need a lot of maintenance. This means the maintenance cost is also going to be more. If you all these costs you shall realize the overall costs of generators is very high.

Besides the cost factor, there are other aspects that you cannot ignore. One is that generators are resulting in noise pollution. Secondly, in the case of generators, there are emissions and hence this is not an environment-friendly option.

As for solar power backup systems, you might find the upfront cost high. But here you do not have to invest in fuel and the maintenance cost is also low. It is because of the low-cost factor that people are investing in  Solar Electric Fences Installation. You also get to enjoy Government subsidies when you make use of solar energy.

What is the final verdict in the solar energy and generator tussle?

But obviously, you must choose the solar energy backup system over generators as they have a plethora of advantages. So, if you want to get a solar backup system then connect with a leading rooftop solar installation company

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When it comes to home power backup systems it is always better to choose solar power systems. This is because the overall cost is low and this is a clean form of energy. So, instead of generators switch to solar power systems. To choose this environment-friendly option connect with Megamax Solar right away.

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