How to ensure the optimal use of your Solar System?

Solar systems are an excellent alternative to traditional electricity sources as these systems cut carbon footprint and power costs. To avail of all the solar benefits, it is essential to ensure the optimum functioning of your solar system.

There are some ways you can use your solar panels at an optimal level for maximum power production.

Buy highly efficient solar modules

All solar panels are made up of PV (photovoltaic cells), designed to convert sunlight (solar energy) into clean and usable electricity. But, solar panels can’t convert the entire captured solar energy into electricity. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to efficiency while purchasing solar systems.

Efficiency, in terms of solar panels, refers to the percentage of sunlight hitting the surface of the system that PV cells transform into power. Higher efficiency means higher solar electricity production. Over the last 5 years, the efficiency has been improved from 15 to 20 percent.

Most solar panel modules from reputed rooftop solar system providers in Delhi NCR have efficiencies of more than 22%. The efficiency is determined by the model structure and material. Cheaper solar panels with less energy output are not recommended.

Panels with high CPV cells are recommended

CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) cells are designed to focus solar energy onto extremely high-efficiency cells. These solar cells would otherwise be highly costly to use directly. Conventional solar systems mostly have a 22% efficiency rate.

However, the panels with higher CPV cells can generate electricity with around 46% efficiency. Note that these panels can cost you up to 4 times more than conventional photovoltaic panels. Thus, consider CPV panels if you can afford them.  

Install systems in shade-free areas

Since sunlight is the main source of electricity production for solar panels, it makes sense that they should not be installed in shaded regions. Whether you’re installing rooftop solar panels or on-ground solar systems, it is essential to avoid the shade.

Do you know that shade can show its effect on a series of panels? If one PV cell is shaded, it can impact the power produced by adjacent cells. The reason is that it will work like a resistor for other cells. The best solar installer in 2023 spends time during a site inspection to perform a detailed analysis and make sure there is no shady area.  

Pay attention to panel orientation

Another way to ensure your panels work at an optimum level is to consider the orientation of the solar panel. In simpler terms, make sure your solar system points directly towards the sun to gather the most sunlight required. Since the panels are fixed on the rooftop and the sun keeps changing its position throughout the day, the panels need to be oriented according to the movement of the sun.

The solar panels should be perpendicular to the solar rays. During winters in the Northern areas, the sun is generally seen at a lower height because, during this season, the atmosphere is dense. Thus, people living in the northern hemisphere experience low solar power production during this season.

Go for professional installation

Although solar panel installation is not a tough task, it needs to be done by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. The reason is that improper installation can negatively affect the sunlight absorption by the panels and result in less power production.

The experts pay attention to the panels’ orientation and angle. To ensure that the efficiency is not affected by temperature levels, they make sure there is a sufficient gap between your roof and the panels during installation.  

Keep your system clean

The efficiency of solar panels can be somehow affected by the accumulation of dust, grime, dirt, leaves, etc. These substances may act as an obstacle or shading while capturing solar energy on the panel’s surface. According to the research report, the shading due to dust can reduce up to 25% of electricity generation capacity.

So, keep the surface of the system clean to ensure the availability of more surfaces for sunlight absorption. This, in turn, assures the production of more electricity. Timely monitoring or using services of annual maintenance contracts for solar systems will help you with periodic cleaning and determining panel inefficiency. You can do the cleaning by yourself using a soft cotton cloth, lukewarm and clean water, and soap. If your rooftop has enough space, you can also use a car wash jet.

Protect your solar systems from overheating

Just like all other machines, solar systems’ functioning can also be affected due to overheating. As the temperature level increases, the efficiency of panels can be reduced. The best way to prevent overheating is to ensure the availability of enough gaps between systems and the roof to allow easier movement of air.

For natural cooling of solar panels, at least 7-inch gaps must be left between the panels and the rooftop. Today, a wide range of cooling equipment is available in the market. You can consider purchasing one if you have such a requirement.

Don’t forget battery solutions

 The modern solar panels are highly efficient to produce electricity that you can’t use immediately. Thus, you will require some advanced solar battery storage solutions to store the excess solar energy. The entire system will lose energy if solar inverters and batteries are not efficient enough. The leading-edge battery systems have improved capacities to work for a longer duration.

Use highest-drain devices when there is no sun

The appliances that consume a lot of energy put the biggest load on solar panels. For example, a fridge, oven, dishwasher, tumble dryer, etc. can consume 1 kilo-watt hour or more power when used. So, use high-drain devices appropriately in your solar-equipped home. Use them when there is a high amount of sunlight.

Prevent air leaks

Solar panel installation can save electricity bills and reduce reliance on the grid. But, your panels will have to work harder if your home is inefficient. You can upgrade your ductwork insulation to allow HVAC to work efficiently. You can divert more solar power to other household applications if your HVAC requires less energy.


Many households and businesses are installing solar panels with experts for proper installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Using the above-mentioned tips, you can enjoy the immense benefits of your solar systems. You will notice the major difference in your solar panels’ performance and energy production.

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