10 Steps to Choosing the Best Solar Installer in 2023

Are you considering installing solar systems for your home or business? In recent years, solar technologies serve as an excellent way to reduce your energy bills and fight against climate change. But, with the large number of solar installation companies operating in the country, selecting one is certainly a difficult undertaking. To end up having a financing and energy-saving solar panel, it is crucial to select a reliable installer.

Here’s everything you must know about finding, evaluating, and signing a contract with the best rooftop solar system installers in Delhi NCR that you can trust.

Know your local incentives

To avail of the financial benefits of your solar system installation, it is important to understand the potential discounts and local incentives available in your state. The installer must help you in finding them. For example, the federal government provides a tax credit of up to 30% of the overall price of your solar panel. Other incentive programs like sales tax and property tax exemptions are also provided based on the state you’re living in.

Determine expertise

To ensure safe and proper installation, the installer must be an experienced and knowledgeable professional. To figure out the company’s standards, check if the experts have at least 2 years of hands-on solar experience or if they have passed the required certification. Look for systems certified with IEC, ALMM, ISO, or other industry-recognized organizations. The availability of certifications ensures that system has been completely tested and approved for the safe and effective use.  

Licensing and insurance

After checking the certifications and expertise, let’s look into the licensing and insurance needs in your local state or country. Some states consider licensed solar installation essential for being insured and bonded. The installer must have essential insurance policies and business licenses. A C-10 is a common license for an electrical contractor.

Confirm whether your solar installer is licensed to work on electrical parts and wiring of your solar system. Electrical, home improvement, general contracting, home performance contracting licenses, and general liability insurance are basic for solar system installation.

There are some non-state-related certifications like NABCEP, an acronym for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, PV installation professional certification. Getting installation services from a NABCEP-certified technician means you’re working with a well-recognized solar company that follows a strict code of ethics.

Company experience

To get a high-quality solar panel installation, choose a company with a track record of experience and a consistent work history. Make sure that your solar installer will not abandon your project in the middle of the installation process. An experienced installer better understands how to examine your power consumption and pick the right system for your requirements.

Examine the market reputation

To ensure a solar installer has a good and trusted reputation, read Google reviews from previous customers. Reviews and ratings from genuine customers may be a good representation of the questionable conduct of your installer.

Alongside Google reviews, you can check reviews on BBB (better business bureau) directory, Yelp, or other review websites for determining the track record of your solar installing company. You can also check with state licensing authorities. If you notice any negative or offensive comment or review, you must consult a different installation company.

Get several solar quotes

To compare the different options available, it is good to get multiple solar quotes. It will help you in making sure that you are not getting ripped off by a specific installation company, charging higher prices than the usual market rates. Look for the brand of the system and components, installation schedule upfront, different financing options, and workmanship warranty.

The solar installers provide quotes in multiple ways like over the phone, online, or via satellite imagery of your residential roof. If you’re choosing the third method, be sure that the satellite pictures represent the present condition of your roof and the total hours of shade. Rather than satellite imagery, you can consider installers who prefer in-person visits to your home.

Consult your neighbors who have already installed solar panels

Alongside checking online reviews and comments, you can talk to your neighbors who’ve already installed solar systems in their homes. Ask them about their first-hand experience, how responsive their installer was to their concerns, how much satisfied they are with the installation process, and if they receive after-sales services.

Ask all important questions

Before finalizing the deal, have a thorough conversation with your solar installer. Ask them all the important questions you might have regarding solar technology and their installation. Ask does a specific solar system use the whole roof or only a south-facing area. How solar can save your valuable money in reducing electricity bills? What is the expected timeline for project completion and getting a good return on investment? Does your roof need repair before solar installation?

Ask for after-sales service

When you get premium-quality solar panel installation, it will come with a warranty to ensure long-lasting performance and improved solar power production efficiency. Ask about the warranties for panels and installation, repair, replacement, and AMC (annual maintenance contract) services offered. Assured after-sales services will help in ensuring that you will always have timely professional support for any potential maintenance and cleaning.

Look for different financing options

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. If the quote you receive is best except for pricing, ask for different financing options. For example, solar loans, leasing programs, or government grants can help lessen the financial burden. Your installer will help you better understand the possible energy money savings of your solar panel. By learning solar financing options, you will get the best value for your money. If implementing all these steps seems challenging and time-consuming, you can count on Megamax Solar. This is a trusted company that is committed to helping you find and install solar system for commercial building and homes ensuring its complete suitability for your power consumption needs.

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