Check The 9 Most Common Myths About Solar Energy In India

Solar energy has so many benefits and so it is high time that we start using solar energy on a large scale. However, there are many myths about solar energy in our country. We must bust the myths about solar energy in India.

Myth no 1:

For solar energy generation it is important to have a warmer climate:

Many people feel that the generation of solar energy is better in a warm climate. But this is a myth. For the generation of power, solar panels are making use of the light from the sun. The heat from the sun is not being used. The efficiency of solar panels is found to suffer when the temperatures are high. It must be noted that during the monsoon the solar panels work with 50% efficiency. The additional solar energy that is generated in the summer months can be used in the form of energy credits when there is not much generation of solar energy.

Myth no 2:

All the solar systems work when the power goes out:

Before the Solar Micro Grid Installation, you need to understand that not all solar systems work in the case of an outage. If your home has a grid-connected solar power system then it will not work in case of an outage. If your home is connected to a hybrid system then the solar system shall work in case of an outage.

Myth no 3:

Solar power systems are not an affordable option:

There is a popular belief in India that solar energy systems are very expensive. Many Indians feel that these systems are not an affordable option. Solar energy systems are not a luxury but a necessity. There are different loan options available for Rooftop Solar System services. The government is also giving subsidies for solar energy set-up.

When you switch to solar energy set up your energy bills also go down. So, you end up saving money when you start using solar energy.

Myth no 4:

Aspects like birds, animals, and winds can damage the solar panels:

There are concerns that the birds might damage the solar panels. The droppings do have an impact on the efficiency of the panels. But for this regular cleaning of the panels can help. You can also look out for options like a scarecrow to keep the birds away.

As for the physical damage of the solar panels remember that they are made from toughened glass. So these panels do not break easily. The solar panels can withstand strong winds.

But here good quality panels, mounting structures, pipes etc must be used.

Myth no 5:

Solar panels are not environment friendly:

Solar energy is a clean and renewable form of energy that does not harm the environment. It is also believed that solar panels consume more energy than the energy that they produce. The embodied energy which is the energy used to extract and manufacture a product is said to be more in solar panels.

But some studies show that solar panels repay this embodied energy in just 3 to 4 years. In the past few years, the time taken to repay the embodied energy is said to have reduced. This is because of the manufacturing process and the use of more efficient solar panels.

Myth no 6:

The roof of the house gets damaged by the solar panels:

No solar panels do not damage the roof. They protect the roof from birds and even from harsh weather. The solar panels are not heavy and hence they do not harm the roof. The technicians who come for the solar panel installation are well-trained and know how to do the work based on the roof condition. Therefore do not be worried about roof damage in Solar Micro Grid Installation.

Myth no 7:

You need a building to install solar set up:

Some people feel that for the solar set-up installation one needs to own the entire building. But that is not true. There are other options for people who are staying in a flat in a building. Like if there is a huge terrace attached to the building then one can check if the installation of a solar set-up is possible.

If you are keen to have solar set up for your home but do not own the building not to worry. You can ask a solar set-up consultant to visit your home. This expert surveys the premises and gives the best possible solution.

Myth no 8:

Solar panels have to be imported from foreign countries like China:

No this is not true. There is no need of choosing imported solar panel options. Because there are companies in India who are manufacturing solar panels. Some leading names in the country can provide complete assistance for the installation and maintenance of solar set up.

Myth no 9:

You cannot run appliances like air conditioners on solar power:

There is a popular belief that appliances that generate heavy loads like heaters and air conditioners cannot be run on solar set-up. This is a myth and you can run these appliances on a solar set-up. But for this, before you install the solar panels you have to consider a few important things.

You need to check your daily energy requirement. Based on these details the number of solar panels that you need is decided. The solar energy expert of a reputed company can help you with these calculations. All that you need to do is connect with the best Rooftop Solar System services provider for the details.

As you can see that the above popular beliefs about the solar system setup are just myths. Therefore go ahead and choose the right solar set-up for your home on priority.

For this, you need to connect with a leading solar panel installation company. We at Megamax Solar are known for providing quality solar installation and maintenance services. So just do not think about these myths. Switch to solar energy right now.

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