Benefits of Making the Switch to Renewable Energy

The electricity produced by renewable and clean resource technologies such as solar micro grid installation, tidal energy, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy, biogas, and wave power can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint.

Many countries, people, companies, and industries are using clean energy for a zero-carbon future and many more benefits. Let’s dive into what is renewable energy and its key advantages to help you in making the switch from traditional electricity sources to green energy.

What is green or renewable energy?

Energy obtained from natural resources available in large quantities with no expiration date is known as green or renewable energy. These resources are abundant because they refill themselves via natural cycles. These sources are clean energy forms because they produce no or little greenhouse gas emissions during production.

Renewable resources are essentially infinite resources present almost everywhere. The best thing is that renewable energy can be put to several uses and cause less environmental damage. Green power expands the energy supply and decreases dependence on imported fuels.    

Importance of Renewable Energy

The importance of renewable energy has been recognized for a very long time like substantial long-term savings, reduced carbon footprints, etc. Green energy sources like solar energy can change our lives for the better.

Will never run out

Since renewable energy is derived from naturally replenishing sources, it would not run out. Unlike natural gas, oil, and coal which will run out sooner or later with regular use, green energy use resources directly from the environment to produce electricity.

Although fossil fuels are also generated in natural procedures, they don’t replenish promptly as we use them. Many fossil fuels are becoming highly expensive and difficult to source.

A safe, clean, and affordable form of energy

Renewable energy is non-pollutant and clean energy that doesn’t contaminate the water we drink and the air we breathe. Solar technology manufacturers and rooftop solar installation company leave no or little residue, waste, or pollution. Hence, there will be no contamination threats to water and air.

With the fast growth of green energy over the last decade, solar energy is now the affordable source of electricity in many corners of the world. The reduced solar and wind costs have led many nations to switch to renewable energy sources.

Low maintenance requirements

Solar energy technologies and other renewable energy systems need less maintenance than conventional fuel sources. The reason is that solar technologies either have fewer or no moving components. They don’t depend on combustible sources to function.  

Low dependence on foreign energy sources

Renewable energy generation is possible locally. The higher the quantity of energy use is renewable, the less will be the possibility to depend on imported power. Green power sources help in reducing geopolitical threats related to fossil fuels including pricing wars, trade disputes, etc.

Advantages of switching to renewable energy for people and the planet

If you wish to successfully create a pollution-free and emission-free environment, it is worth investing in renewable energy. This form of power offers significant benefits over the devastating impacts of fossil fuels like reduced water and air pollution, low maintenance cost, and others as discussed above. In addition, it provides numerous advantages to the people, the planet, and the economy overall.

Zero greenhouse gas emissions

The use of fossil fuels for producing energy leads to a considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants during the process. Most renewable power sources, on the other hand, result in no or little emissions even throughout the life cycle of the technologies.

Creates new jobs

With the increasing emphasis on global warming and setting ambitious carbon-reduction objectives, the renewable power production process becomes the key source of new job opportunities. It requires material and labor to get the job done. This investment is also an imperative aspect of the overall solar project cost.

Solar panel installers will be among one of the fastest-increasing jobs in the coming years. It is expected that these jobs will most likely pay above the average wages, making it an excellent career option.  

Good for our human health

The rapid growth of fossil fuel-based industrial activities, road transportation, and power production globally results in increased levels of air pollution. For example, coal power stations release huge quantities of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide straight into the environment. They also release other dangerous greenhouse gases and metals like particulates, mercury, sulfur dioxide, lead, etc. This becomes the major cause of severe health problems.

The use of fuel wood and charcoal for cooking and heating causes poor indoor air quality. According to research by WHO (world health organization), the presence of harmful gases and metals in the atmosphere is responsible for breathing difficulties, heart attacks, and premature deaths.

Renewable energy results in no waste, no contamination threats, and no pollution. So, it is better for your health. Moving to solar power and other renewable energy sources can significantly turn things around in the long run by improving air quality.

Low costs

Since renewable energy is obtained straight from natural resources, it can be produced locally. This means it is less affected by price strikes, abrupt interferences in the supply chain, and geopolitical crisis. It helps in keeping energy costs at reasonable levels and ensuring energy availability for the complete economy.

Available for all

Renewable energy is good for development because it reflects the low-cost source of advanced power production technology in many corners of the world. Their cost is constantly reducing with the flow of time. Renewable power is the only way to meet the energy demands of all inhabitants residing in suburban and peri-urban regions, urban slums, remote locations, and informal settlements. The Indian government is also launching new schemes to provide accessibility of solar technologies to everyone.

Solve the waste issue

Renewable energy, particularly biomass, and solar power can provide a huge help in solving the waste problem. Biomass generators produce energy by consuming used natural products like corn, soybean byproducts, algae, and vegetable oil. This decreases the waste quantity that goes into landfills. This ultimately helps in reducing carbon emissions and other dangerous climatic pollutants.

A secure source of energy

The emerging markets of energy and geopolitical improbability have switched energy infrastructure resilience and power security to the front of several national energy strategies. Supply security is a main concern in the global energy markets including India, the United States of Egypt, and the European Union.  

Final words

Transitioning to renewable energy like solar power systems in various industrial, commercial, and residential applications can help in creating an emission-free world. It not only saves the cost but also promotes a healthier environment for present and coming generations.         

More than 30% of electricity is coming from renewable energy and it continues to increase. Combining renewable energy with sustainable lifestyles will help in meeting the power needs with reduced investment.

So, let’s all make efforts together in creating and maintaining a sustainable energy future. If you are wondering how to install a rooftop solar panel or other solar systems, connect with Megamax Solar providing different solar system installation services along with post-commissioning solutions.

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