10 Reasons why it’s the right time to go Solar

In recent years, the importance of moving to solar energy is realized by almost all people in the community including homeowners, businesses, and all. A lot of emphasis has been placed on renewable energy sources like hydrothermal, wind, and solar to reduce global warming around the world. Studies have found that 100 million household rooftop solar panel installations are required by 2030 to achieve the mission of net-zero emission by 2050. So, you must go with the solar panel investment right now. Alongside environmental benefits, solar systems make financial sense.  

Let us go over some of the main reasons why you must invest in solar energy right now.

  • Eliminate or reduce power bills

Whether you’re a business owner, a non-profit, or a homeowner, switching to solar energy can help you save a large portion of your monthly electric expenses. In the last few years, residential electricity prices have increased by some percentage. So, it is the right time to invest in a solar power system and fix the increasing electricity rate. It will protect you against the unpredictable increase in utility charges and helps easily manage your expenses.  

With a rooftop solar panel installation, you will produce free power for your system’s whole lifespan of 25+ years. You will save a significant amount of money even when you don’t generate 100% of the power you use.

  • Better ROI

Solar panels are one of the best investment options with returns similar to those of more conventional investments such as bonds and stocks. The substantial long-term and short-term energy bill savings help in getting a better ROI. Installing the advanced solar system could help you earn up to 30 percent savings or more. Homeowners can save up to 70 percent on their utility bills by installing rooftop solar panels.

  • Warranty

Solar energy systems come with different sorts of warranties. Mainly, solar panels have two types of warranties – equipment and performance warranties. Solar photovoltaic modules have 25 years of performance warranty ensuring 80% energy production throughout the lifecycle. The performance warranty can be 90% production capacity for up to 10 years. An equipment warranty generally ranges from 10-12 years with no failure.   

  • Be your own power producer

Going solar will allow you to generate your own renewable energy using sunlight and power your building. The geographical location of India helps people in receiving enough amount of sunlight and generate solar power sufficient for their electricity needs. However, solar panel performance vary based on different factors including seasons, solar shadings, temperature, energy conversion efficiency, orientation and latitude of the place, and operation and monitoring.

Solar PV systems can power schools, homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, and more buildings. Self-producing your own solar power will make you independent of the electricity grid and become more resilient during extreme weather conditions. Producing your renewable and clean energy will make you less responsible for polluting the environment.

Keeping a solar system with highly efficient energy storage will enable you to use solar power at any time even when there is a power outage or if the main electricity grid goes down. This is the biggest benefit for those living in regions with extreme weather events causing a more frequent blackouts.

  • Sustainable energy

Solar energy is an eco-friendly and sustainable source of power because electricity is produced by harnessing the sunlight without burning any type of fossil fuels. Solar panels are an excellent way to protect the environment as it reduces carbon footprint. Installing and using a household rooftop solar panel can assist in reducing 3-4 tons of carbon emissions annually. This is equivalent to planting more than 100 trees in a year.  

  • Improve property value

Solar-equipped homes or commercial buildings have higher property value than that non-solar-equipped properties. Multiple studies have reported that buildings with solar panels or other solar systems sell more quickly as buyer appreciates and value these properties at the time of sale. Since more people are now realizing the benefits of switching to solar energy, the demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems is rising and is expected to continue to grow.  

  • Lifetime support

Not just the complete installation but reliable solar installation companies provide lifetime support to their customers as a crucial aspect of the corporate goal of utmost customer satisfaction. You can avail of the solar AMC (annual maintenance contract) services to remain stress-free regarding your solar system’s cleaning and maintenance.

Solar AMC services consist of cleaning the solar panels to remove the leaves, dust particles, and other substances from the surface of the solar panels to take off the obstacles that don’t allow enough sunlight absorption on the surface of the panel.

These services are designed as an effective O&M (operation and maintenance) strategy that includes more than routine module cleaning. Solar AMC service will ensure that your solar photovoltaic system is working properly at maximum production. Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the system’s lifespan.

  • Increased savings

The best-in-class solar systems will reduce or replace the reliance on conventional electricity sources resulting in higher monthly utility bills. This eventually helps in gaining substantial savings in the long run. By consuming power produced from the sun, we can insulate India from price fluctuations in the worldwide electricity market.

  • Less electricity loss

To supply electricity to the end users, it needs a large network. Power transmission over long distances may cause power loss, which can affect the installation performance in high-density regions. Thanks to solar rooftop systems that receive power directly from the sun after installation and prevent power loss. The energy consumption remains under the user’s control with less possibility of service interruption.

  • Protect you from inflation

The volatile nature of fossil fuel costs and worldwide supply disruption often result in a surge in global energy prices. The stable low cost of solar panels provides protection from market fluctuations and inflation by dropping power expenses and improving energy efficiency. The advanced solar energy storage systems enable users to store the excess produced solar power to be used when there is no sunlight or during power outages.   


As now you understand that switching to renewable solar energy is a trend now, contact the leading solar system installation service provider. Megamax Solar specializes in solar water pumping station installation, solar rooftop systems, solar on-grid systems, and more to let more and more people use solar energy and contribute more towards a better and healthier environment.   

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