Rooftop solar systems are one of India's most famous power alternative practices. The Indian government has set a target to achieve 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022. However, 100 GW of the target is still left for solar panel installations. The target may be ambitious, but it is achievable. Rooftop solar is the most mature societal, environmental and energy sustainability model. It provides:

An opportunity to invest towards its self-reliance.

Strengthening one's sense of responsibility.

Ultimately inching towards the greater good.


They offer cost savings.

Megamax provides cost effective rooftop solar panels. The tariff rates for rooftop solar in industries compared to commercial tariff rates are cheaper by 17% and 27%, respectively.

It increases access to energy.

Rooftop solar panels extract the sun's power to generate electricity and are eco-friendly. Furthermore, their cost of operation is also less.

Support from the government

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy pays the installer 30% of the installation cost as a subsidy charge.

Reduces carbon footprints

Solar panels run without producing any noise and impart harmful gas emissions. It is a good energy source that can work effectively in climate change.

Green source of energy

Consumers can make capital investments to preserve the environment.

Low maintenance cost

The main factor that accelerates the importance of rooftop solar panels is that they require significantly less maintenance and can run over 20 years. The highly trained professional team of Megamax Solar cares for your solar installation maintenance and up-gradation needs.

No additional space for installation is required. One of the most significant advantages of rooftop solar panels is that they can be installed on any roof, thereby offering protection to the roof.


Megamax Solar offers a high-Quality Solar Rooftop System to produce electrical energy on your Roof Top. It is the best way to get electricity in un-electricized areas. Our team provides customized solutions as per the budget and needs of customers. Our highly trained professional team cares for your solar installation maintenance and up-gradation needs. Megamax is concerned about the surface of your roof by installing a Solar Rooftop on RCC Roof without making any drill to avoid any possibility of leakage later.

Trust & Warranty

Trust & Warranty

We value trust of our valuable customers and are committed to provide excellent services during whole warranty period.

High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Quality is an attitude in Megamax both for supply and services.

Efficiency & Power

Efficiency & Power

Megamax not only complete installation with efficiency but installed systems are hallmark of efficient system both in terms of performance and Power Generation.