What Latest Advancements in the Solar Tech Industry Make Solar Energy More Efficient and Adoptable?

Renewable and widely used solar technology has revolutionized over the past decade to ensure solar power consumption in every home. Not just in residential areas but solar technology adoption has now spread to the commercial, agricultural, medical, educational, industrial, and other sectors. Modern solar panels can now be used to power homes and businesses, and charge electrical vehicles. No longer are the days when solar energy is limited just to cooking food using solar cookers.

With the rising interest, adoption, and benefits of solar power, the solar tech industry has been constantly researching and presenting innovative technologies. The well-recognized rooftop solar system providers in Delhi NCR are delivering highly advanced technologies for different applications. Whenever solar technology revolutionizes, solar energy becomes more accessible.

How Latest Solar Tech Advancements Make Solar Panel More Affordable & Efficient?

Several solar panel technological advancements have made solar panels highly efficient and reasonable. Let’s take a look at some of the examples of it.

Improved solar efficiency

The solar efficiency is determined by the amount of sunlight hitting the panel’s surface and is available to convert sunlight into electricity. The solar panel efficiency has improved to a good extent over the last ten years. Innovative advancements in PV or photovoltaic technology have improved average conversion efficiency from 15 to more than 20 percent. This is a remarkable difference which is expected to further improve in the coming time.

Mostly the solar panel efficiency is affected due to the changing angle of the sun throughout the day because the planet Earth keeps rotating on its axis. This problem can be resolved using solar tracking systems that tilt and position panels based on the sun’s angle. Advanced sun-tracking solar systems featuring a single axis can provide a 25-35% improvement in performance.

Innovative manufacturing techniques

Similar to plastic film manufacturing, roll-to-roll manufacturing is less expensive and much faster than the conventional solar cell manufacturing process. This manufacturing technique could result in the reduced cost of solar panels.

Solar storage

Traditionally, solar power usage is restricted just during the day or in the presence of sunlight. The solar energy could not be consumed in the hours of darkness or night. Today, the scenario has been changed. Thanks to the latest advancement of solar plus battery systems that are integrated with highly efficient solar batteries.

In the current days, you’ll find plenty of solar power plants that can generate electricity throughout the day and can be used at night or during power failure by storing produced electricity to a battery system. These solar panels are capable enough to power your entire home during the day and night.

Impressive Designs

Some inventions in solar technology are lightweight, attractive, and flexible. The latest solar cells, for example, printable solar cells can be easily placed into electronic gadgets like laptops, cell phones, and tablets. In recent years, we have seen the manufacturing and supply of solar-powered garden lights that are beautifully designed to lighten up residential and commercial gardens using sustainable and affordable solar power.

Finest-Quality Material

The latest breakthrough of Perovskite solar cells has increased solar cell energy absorption. This advancement was made in 2016 when scientists manufactured the first solar cell with perovskite crystals by integrating an ultra-thin layer of Perovskite on the top of the solar cells. This increases the energy absorption by up to 30%. Perovskite solar cells are about 20% more efficient than usual silicon-based solar cells and are more flexible.

The solar panel performance vary based on the material of the solar cells. So, when buying solar panels, check what material the solar cells are made of. The life expectancy can be expanded up to 30 years if you’re using solar panels featuring the latest and finest quality material.

Latest Breakthrough in Solar Technology for Residential Applications

Since more homeowners are switching to solar energy to power their daily household appliances, the latest breakthroughs in solar technology are providing a new meaning to the efficiency and effectiveness of solar panels. Since there is a huge application of solar tech in modern-day homes, some solar technologies have varying advantages as households vary.

Let’s understand some new developments that help homeowners generate solar electricity based on their requirements.

On-ground solar system

Residents who don’t have adequate space on their rooftops to place rooftop solar panels, for example, roof slope is not at the angle of sunlight, can go with the installation of on-ground solar systems. Ground-mounted or on-ground solar PV systems are mounted on the ground and their installation allows for any tilt angle, height, and orientation as long as you have enough space on the ground to generate maximum sunlight.

The selection of the best system goes through verification of numerous things including sun rays availability and direction, weather pattern, geographical location, and more. These panels tend to be cool because they have some space below to stimulate the airflow.

They are usually installed in homes with higher power needs as they have more solar power production efficiency. The produced solar energy is used along with the main electricity to reduce monthly electricity costs. Moreover, the homeowner has the option to generate energy tax credits and PPA to sell extra power generation.

Solar Electric Fences

Designed to ensure the utmost safety and security of residential and commercial complexes, the solar electric fences are aesthetically beautiful, safe, and long-lasting. They are more reliable than traditional electrical fences and provide a strong shock with a deterrent effect without causing any severe damage. You can prevent high-cost crime using these low-cost solar systems that come with an annual maintenance contract for solar system for effortless cleaning and maintenance.


With the increase in solar power adoption, there come highly innovative solar technologies. In the coming years, the world will see many solar-powered evolutions towards sustainability and energy efficiency. The solar tech industry is still in the development stage to impressively shape the future of solar power.

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