Some Potential Advantages of Rooftop Solar Solutions

The world has been now switching towards solar energy because of cost-saving solutions and environmental benefits. India has emerged as one of the leading countries around the world to adopt renewable solar power. Along with ensuring environmental safety, the usage of rooftop solar panels benefits homeowners and commercial building owners in multiple ways. This post will run you through some major advantages of installing household or commercial rooftop solar systems.

What is a rooftop solar system?

The solar systems installed on the rooftop of any commercial, residential, and/or industrial building are known as rooftop solar systems or rooftop solar panels. These systems are perfect for harnessing the renewable and clean energy of the sun into highly useful electricity. The installation of solar panels in India is visible on the rooftop of government buildings, schools, homes, commercial buildings, hospitals, and other buildings.  

Great pros of a rooftop solar solution

A reliable source of energy

The rooftop solar panels help household users and other people meet their peak-time power needs without any dependence on diesel generators, grid power, and other non-renewable source of power. They can enjoy consistent and long-term access to affordable and sustainable electricity.

Environmental benefits

The rooftop solar solutions have witnessed a significant transformation in India, producing environment-friendly and clean sources of energy. Solar rooftop panels need only sunlight for electricity production, providing a clean source of power. The renewable nature of these systems ensures sustainability and production of no heat-trapping gases or dangerous gasses, and no generation of any kind of pollution. No harmful gas production means a positive impact in the global climate change with reduced global warming.

From the initial stage of the panel installation to the electricity generated by PV cells, there is no generation of carbon dioxide, other harmful emissions, or associated wastes like mercury, nitrogen oxides, and sulphur dioxides. Hence, there is no risk of any health hazards. With increased solar energy adoption, the carbon footprint and global warming can be reduced to a great level.   

Financial savings

The solar rooftop panel installation comes with great cost reductions. The solar tariff quotes are about 17% cheaper than industrial tariff rates and 27% less than commercial tariff rates. These systems prove extremely beneficial to the residential sector as it provides power straight to the buildings through the grid. Moreover, the cost of solar panels is expected to reduce in the next few years.

Low maintenance cost

Solar rooftop systems prove to be an economical option not just for saving electricity bills but also involve less maintenance cost. The average solar rooftop panel has a 25-year lifespan and requires periodic cleaning and maintenance, mainly once or twice a year without any significant expenses. Reliable solar system installers provide after-sale services like annual maintenance contract for solar system, and O&M (operation and maintenance) services. It involves regular inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement to timely identify the potential damage and perform necessary repairs and replacements.

Don’t need any additional room

No extra land or room is required to install rooftop panels. These solar systems provide sustainable and workable solutions because they are installed on the building rooftop. A shade-free area of 100 square feet is required on the rooftop of the building to set up a 1kW solar panel. Moreover, having a rooftop system installed in your building can increase its value, making its sale faster and easier. Home buyers have more value for properties having a renewable and cost-effective source of electricity.

Reduced electricity bills

Installing rooftop solar panels can reduce monthly electricity bills because it costs nothing expensive for electricity production except for sunlight, which is a free source of energy. How much electricity cost you can save may vary based on your building’s solar suitability, power consumption needs, and the type and number of solar panels you are using. To determine your energy consumption, use the electricity bill of a last year where you can see units kW (kilowatt) or kWh (kilowatt-hour). Don’t know what is a kilowatt-hour? It is a unit used to measure energy usage.

Social impact

Installing solar rooftops not only serves the environment but also creates positive social impacts as a whole. There are some educational institutes in multiple Indian districts having an improper and unreliable supply of electricity. Lack of sufficient power can lead to a threat to the education of the students as they can’t get digital education. They might not be able to study properly in the night. Lack of power in hospitals also creates problems in treating patients. The adoption of solar systems improves the life expectancy rate among people and helps students get proper and quality education in schools, colleges, and homes. 

Perfect for the Indian climate

India is located in such a geographical location that receives ample tropical sunlight throughout the year, almost 300 days with clear skies in a year. Every Indian state has the best environmental conditions to harness a sustainable, free, and clean source of energy.

Increased electricity access in remote areas

Many rural and urban areas in India don’t have proper electricity access. The rooftop solar systems provide increased access to reliable and affordable electricity in these areas. Also, these solutions are much safer and more cost-effective than energy alternatives like diesel generators.

Government support

Another major benefit of rooftop solar solutions is support from the government. These systems come under the 5% tax bracket. If one leaves the 0% tax bracket, this is the most attractive tax rate offered by the government. This is one of the few Indian products that don’t fall into this low tax bracket.


So as you can see rooftop solar systems provide economic, social, and environmental benefits. Installing these systems will save valuable money and the whole planet by getting an eco-friendly, consistent, and cost-effective supply of electricity.

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