Solar Panels: The Sustainable Solution to Protect Your Roof

The rooftop solar panel installation is one of the most beneficial and valuable projects in any home. It is constantly becoming a popular choice for homeowners to save their energy bills and reduce dependence on the grid. However, some people are still worried about whether installing solar panels on the terrace roof can damage the condition of the home’s roof.

The rooftop solar panels will not damage the roof if the installation is done by experienced and knowledgeable installers. To clearly understand the impact of rooftop solar installation on the roof, keep reading this post.

Can Solar Panel Installation Damage the Roof?

When installed by a trained expert, there is no permanent negative impact on the roof. A proper installation would not damage your home’s roof. Professional installers handle all the equipment carefully and securely connect the wires and mounting components. They securely place the solar panel in the right position, avoiding any potential damage.

Many homeowners can even DIY install rooftop solar panels using the right tools after doing thorough research. They have also received an inspection to make sure their roof is physically strong and there will be no damage. However, there is always a risk when installation is done by inexperienced homeowners. Generally, there is a risk of water leaks and holes.  

Solar installation on a pitched roof requires hole drilling in the roof. This can lead to water leaking into the roof. Improper drilling holes when designing the frame or underrating the load-bearing weight capacity of the roof and solar panel size can have a negative impact on the roof’s integrity and condition. Installing solar arrays on a flat roof surface may require a ballasted system that needs to be used safely to avoid roof damage.

Wiring and connecting the solar panel-associated components like solar inverters, panels, etc. can take some days and need to be done with proper inspection and proactive steps. So, it is always recommended to hire a reliable rooftop solar installation company for professional installation rather than trying a DIY installation. If there will be any damage or destruction due to any unforeseen reason, it will be covered by warranties and insurance. So, you would not require recovering the damage from your pocket.

Based on the solar regulations and policies in your locality, you may have to obtain government permissions and inspection. It will assist you in preventing expensive roof damage. A comprehensive inspection process helps make sure solar panel installation is performed professionally and correctly and there would be no concerns in the future.

How Solar Panels Can Protect Your Roof?

Solar panels can help protect your roof from excessive sunlight, severe weather, and other damages caused due to several environmental factors. Solar panels divert rainwater from the roof and prevent precipitation from reaching the roof. They also allow snow to slide off easily and quickly. However, melted snow can assist with solar panel cleaning and improve performance by removing accumulated dust and debris.

Sunlight hitting the roof can reduce the longevity of shingles and make the home hotter. Solar panels allow necessary cooling because some space is left between the roof and the panel during installation. This natural cooling effect reduces the air conditioning bills by decreasing the amount of heat reaching the roof.

Some homeowners use their solar panels like a carport to ensure their car protection while producing electricity for their homes. This is the best solution for those who lack adequate space on the roof or don’t have a garage for their cars.

Does Solar Panel Installation Cause Holes?

During installation, mounting hardware is mostly attached to the roof and into the rafters. The mounting will lead to small holes. The mounting holes can be covered with a moisture-resistant sealant if you need to remove the panels for any reason. Other holes may happen based on your electrical appliances.  

How to Ensure Rooftop Solar Panels Do Not Damage the Roof?

Installing solar panels is a safe process and even it can protect your roof from bad weather, harsh rays of the sun, and other problems. Here are some things that homeowners must keep in consideration when having solar panels installed.                    

Find the reputable and experienced installers

Hiring experienced and trustworthy installers with a proven track record of successful rooftop solar panel installation can help avoid roof destruction. Ask for references from near and dear ones or check online reviews and ratings before assigning an installation project to any company.

Proper roof inspection

The possibility of roof damage depends on multiple factors like roofing material, size, condition, type, and age. Repairing a roof is mostly recommended if the roof age is more than 15 years. Solar installers say it is best to install solar panels on a new roof or a roof that has a long life left.  

Consider the roofing material as well because concrete, metal, and clay roofing materials have up to 50 years of longevity while asphalt and wood shingles mostly have a lifespan of up to 15-30 years. It is also recommended to confirm the availability of enough space on the roof to easily adjust the required number of solar panels to offset power usage.

Types of solar panels

The development of solar panels has resulted in the availability of numerous varieties of solar panels for homes. Conventional racking is not the only option as you can also go with solar shingles that perfectly combine with the surrounding roof. However, they’re not as efficient as conventional solar installations and are more costly.

Review the associated warranties

When researching the reliability of solar installers, don’t forget to review the warranties offered with solar installations. Determine what type of warranties they’re providing. For example, product warranty, performance warranty, etc. Check the warranty coverage to ensure what types of damages are covered when it comes to solar installation.

Final Words

Correct installation of a solar system for commercial building and residential rooftops will not cause any damage to the roof. You should avoid attempting to install solar systems by yourself if you’re not well-informed about the installation process or don’t have the proper tools. Instead, you can contact a trusted solar installer in your area. If you don’t know whom you can trust, then consult Megamax Solar where you will get solutions for all your concerns and receive professional installation with no hassles.   

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