Megamax Solar Offers a Wide Range of Solar Solutions for Homes And Businesses

The installed renewable energy capacity of India stood at 155.26GW, accounting for a 39 percent share of the complete power combination at the end of Q1 (first quarter) of the year 2022. This fact is presented based on the data given by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), India Solar Project Tracker of Mercom, and Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

Over the past few years, solar energy capacity in India has noticed significant growth. To address the rising demand for solar technology, Megamax Solar offers a complete range of solar solutions like solar EV charging station installation, solar garden lights, and more. This leading solar solution provider in India announced to offer comprehensive residential, industrial, and commercial solar solutions with the highest efficiencies.  

Reasons for increasing solar demand

Solar systems installed on the ground or roof of any building are excellent solutions for harnessing solar energy for different small-scale and large-scale applications. They not only save energy costs but also help an individual to become a responsible citizen by contributing positively to a clean and green environment with no pollution. It can benefit you in many more ways including –

  1. Reduce electricity costs by saving up to 50%+ on electricity bills.
  2. Installing solar systems can even provide you with green building certifications.
  3. Going solar is an ideal initiative toward a sustainable environment and ensuring a safe and healthy future. It reduces the carbon footprint and doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases and air, water, and noise pollution.
  4. Solar power plants last for more than 25 years while the typical payback duration is 4-5 years.
  5. Up to 40% accelerated tax depreciation in the starting 1st year of solar plant commissioning.
  6. Eliminates grid independence and ever-rising electricity tariffs.
  7. Simpler upgrades for increased power requirements.
  8. Having no moving parts lead to minimal maintenance efforts and costs.
  9. Easier financing options and subsidies.
  10. Improves the value of commercial and residential value making its sale easier and faster.

Are you interested in making a difference in the fight against energy poverty and climate change? Megamax Solar introduced a comprehensive range of solar products to achieve the mission of zero-emission and reduce carbon footprint at commercial, industrial, and household levels. The solar systems are perfect for limited-space rooftops.

The higher module conversion efficiency will make solar technologies work properly in the morning and night and on cloudy days. All systems are developed with best-in-class quality to withstand inclement and challenging climatic conditions. This means you will have a cleaner and more reliable source of power all the time.

Range of solar solutions for homes and businesses

Quality is just like a positive attitude that everyone wishes for. Megamax Solar follows top-quality standards in each aspect of its working process. The company offers the installation and maintenance of the following types of solar systems –

  1. Solar rooftop panel
  2. Solar garden lighting
  3. On-ground solar system
  4. Solar-powered street light
  5. Solar electric fences
  6. Solar advertising light box
  7. Solar electric vehicle charging stations
  8. Solar micro-grid
  9. Solar Tele communication tower
  10. Solar traffic lights
  11. Solar water pumping stations

The new range of advanced solar technologies is introduced to allow people to invest in technologically advanced solar products affordably for all of their solar energy requirements. Customers are now allowed to get the benefit of the different financing options, solar loan availing procedures, and solar subsidies to get solar installation without breaking the bank.

Be a part of the revolution with Megamax Solar

Whether you wish to avail benefits of solar EV charging stations to avoid waiting in traditional charging stations and save the cost of charging using your home electricity or other solar technology, one thing is for sure you will get the best-in-class performance and lifetime support. Installing any of these systems could help you enjoy an ROI of up to 30% as cost savings. Moreover, it will provide additional substantial savings in the long run by replacing or reducing dependence on the electricity service provider. 25 years of warranty is available for photovoltaic modules.  

Easier, convenient, and quick solar installation

Megamax Solar provides state-of-the-art services for the installation of rooftops and several kinds of ground-based solar systems for different applicants according to a specific client’s needs. The professionally-trained and experienced installers provide hustle-free ownership of solar systems supplied & installed by them. The installation is done after a thorough inspection of the client’s facility where installation needs to be installed and an understanding of the client’s power requirements.

Additionally, experts keep a track record of installed systems via remote monitoring to ensure the efficient performance and power generation capacity of the system. Based on the monitoring results, timely actions are taken to make sure the maximum result from the solar system and the utmost satisfaction of the customer.  

Hassle-free solar maintenance

When working with Megamax Solar for top-class solar solutions, you don’t need to find a solar panel maintenance company to keep the constant operation and maximum output of your installed system. The Megamax experts will educate you about maintenance by providing complete training on how to maintain your solar installation before handing over the installation services.

Final words

If you are interested in going solar for your home or business power needs and creating a sustainable environment for saving the planet, approach Megamax Solar experts. You don’t need investment for analyzing your requirements and choosing the right system perfectly suitable for your residential or commercial property.

The reason is that the company offers free initial consultation and assessment of solar system needs based on the energy requirement and pattern of a particular customer. After submission of the assessment, a customer may or may not go with solar installation as they like without any compulsion. If you’re ready to get the latest solar technology benefits with premium quality and ultimate customer satisfaction, then contact us to get a quick quote.

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