How convenient is Solar Panel Installation?

Solar technology’s adoption has been noticed by individual consumers, households, and large organizations to power their homes and commercial facilities. Solar installation helps with electricity bill reduction without compromising on power consumption. This convenient and affordable source of energy is capable of running several household appliances like fans, lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.

The eco-friendly supply of solar energy is not the only considerable factor when deciding to switch from traditional electricity sources to solar systems. Even though solar installation is not a challenging task, it is a lengthy process with so many variables and factors to consider.

If you’re planning to install solar panels at your home to have more sustainable living in 2023, then this post will help you find out how it will be a convenient and sustainable option for you.

1. Solar installation doesn’t need additional space

The major perk of installing solar panels in your home is that they can be installed easily on your rooftop. You would not require investing in purchasing separate land or vacating your present land to let installation be done easily. You just need to determine the solar suitability of your rooftop ensuring there must be no shaded obstacles like tall trees and buildings to restrict the sunlight absorption over the panel surface.

2. Power your home without worrying about the higher electricity bills

Once you have installed highly efficient solar panels in your home, you can keep powering your entire home without worrying about paying higher bills. The solar power produced during the daytime will offset your grid electricity usage. You can power your property as a supplement or an alternative to buying power from the main grid.

Since the cost of electricity keeps on rising, consumers are switching to solar power to save a significant amount on monthly electricity bills. Less grid consumption can cut your power cost by almost half. In addition, solar power can help you earn money by sending extra solar energy to the grid, in case you have a net metering policy.

3. Solar installation is a sustainable choice

Solar system installation is beneficial not only on a monetary basis but is the most convenient way to reduce increasing global warming. It is a clean source of electricity that is produced by converting solar energy or sunlight into usable electricity. Solar adoption results in the reduction in electricity consumption of conventional non-renewable sources of energy like coal.

There is no risk of environmental damage or human health issues during solar power production and usage. This is because there is no emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases. Moreover, since no water is used during electricity production, there is no water pollution of any type.

4. Solar maintenance is not tough

Alongside easier installation, simple and low-cost maintenance is another factor that makes more people go solar. You can ensure the optimal use of an efficient solar system for many years if cleaned and kept regularly and properly.

Advanced solar systems are designed using highly efficient ultraviolet cells without any moving components. Thus, they don’t need frequent maintenance. You can easily and affordably get cleaning, maintenance, repairing and replacement of solar system without too much effort by availing of AMC services from your solar installers.  

5. You will have energy access all the time

The increasing power demand and low supply in India are making many people in urban and rural areas depend on unreliable and non-renewable sources of energy. For example, coal, diesel-generators, etc. They have poor or no supply of electricity. This mostly happens with people living in hilly regions or remote areas where there is no supply of power from the grid.

Rooftop solar panel installation results in the most convenient source of energy. You can produce reliable and renewable electricity at your home with solar systems and use produced power all the time including snowy and cloudy days. Moreover, you can keep excess generated solar electricity stored in advanced battery systems to use when required.

6. Enjoy government support for solar installation

Installing solar panels will not put an entire burden on your pocket because the government provides subsidy support as financial assistance to installers. The Indian government is providing a large number of subsidy schemes for homeowners installing solar panels on their rooftops.

The government also offers tax credits to commercial users as well for solar installation. This initiative was started to encourage more people to go solar and save Mother Earth from rising global warming. The subsidy amount and tax credits can vary from state to state. So, check it with your installer’s support.

7. Solar panel installation can boost your property value

Yes, you read it right! Installing solar panels not only benefits you with reduced power cost and sustainable living but it can be the best asset for you. Investing in a home solar system can help you with increased value of your residential property.

Homebuyers can pay you more for a home with solar panels already installed. Thus, with solar installation, you can enjoy cost savings in two ways – reduced electricity bills and increased selling cost of your home, a win-win situation in both terms.

Factors to consider before installing solar systems

Before you bring solar systems your home, it is essential to choose the right system from the best rooftop solar system installers in Delhi NCR ensuring safe and easier installation. Consider the strength, weight, and stability of your roof to determine if it needs renovations before installation. During site inspection, ensure that the area where you need to install a system receives at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

Also, determine the energy consumption of your home by considering the total number of family members, power usage, and electrical devices. To calculate the exact number of solar panels, multiply kilowatts of energy consumed each day by 0.25.

If you’re thinking of going solar, contact us at Megamax Solar to get the best system based on your solar and budget requirements. The experts will also guide you about solar system usage for optimal performance and solar power production.

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