Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy for Home Use

Switching to solar energy is not only an option but it could become a compulsion for everyone soon in the future. That’s because non-renewable power sources will get nearly exhausted. Solar power not just reduce electricity cost and health costs but provide many more benefits to the environment, human, and the economy as a whole.

Want to know how? Let’s dig deep into the advantages of home solar energy.  

Good for the environment

Solar energy for residential applications provides proof that it is an eco-friendly source of electricity. Meaning to say, solar power doesn’t need fuel or oil which causes pollution in the environment while generating electricity and increases the greenhouse effect and global warming. The increasing global warming and temperature lead to abrupt changes in the climate and affect human health and lives.

Each kWh or kilowatt per hour of solar energy that is produced will considerably decrease the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and various harmful pollutants. For example, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxides, sulfur oxides, and particulate matter. No water or air pollution is caused during the production as it leaves no waste. This renewable energy also decreases water withdrawal and consumption.

Great saving on the wallet

You can start saving your money just after the installation. You will notice a huge drop in your monthly electricity bills. According to one of the studies, installing rooftop solar panels can help in saving up to 95% of monthly utility bills.

How much amount you can save depends on the type and size of your solar system, its power generation capacity, how much electricity you use, how many hours of sunlight your system is getting, the angle and size of the roof, and your local electricity charges.

Solar electricity reduces the dependency on conventional grid-based power. That’s because solar panels directly enable a user to produce electricity by harnessing renewable solar energy. If you are using an off-grid setup, you can completely prevent all expensive electricity costs and ensure a year-round efficient power supply with huge savings.

Constant energy supply

Using solar energy, you will be generating your own power. Storing it in advanced solar energy systems helps in getting a constant supply of electricity even when the main grid goes down. Residential solar energy systems featuring battery storage, also known as solar-plus-storage systems will give you total power independence by providing regular energy.

No matter what the time of the day or the weather is, you will have sufficient energy to meet your requirements. With regular little or no solar micro grid maintenance or care of your systems over their productive duration, you can enjoy energy for so many years as solar panels can operate for about 25-30 years.

The main thing you need for maintenance is removing the leaves, dust particles, dirt, or other fragments. It’s good to call experts for deep cleaning once in a while ensuring no harm during dusting.  

No extra space needed

For installing rooftop solar panels, there is no requirement to have additional land. You can set up and install them on nearly all types of roofs. Moreover, solar systems protect your roof as they cover the area they’re installed in.

Multiple uses

Solar energy in homes can be used for various purposes. There are many practical ways you can make use of solar power in your home. For example, heating water, getting electricity, solar ventilation solutions, heating and lighting the home, charging batteries, cooking, solar-powered pumps, running cars, portable solar energy, and lots more.

It’s not that expensive

Since the prices of fast-depleting fossil fuels are increasing constantly, there is a need to use some other alternative sources of energy. Solar power is a renewable source of energy that is produced by getting sunlight and converting it into electricity. Although on ground solar installation or other technologies are expensive, you can cover those expenses by using subsidies and other great financing options/schemes offered by the government.

Reduce dependency on a centralized grid

Adopting solar power automatically reduces the dependency on centralized government or private grids. In today’s era of irregular supply and rapidly increasing demand, going independent is the sustainable and safest way in the long run. Adding an effective solar storage system to your solar panel or other systems will provide additional independence and a 100% secure future investment.

Government incentives and tax benefits

Indian government provides numerous tax advantages, solar subsidies, and incentives to motivate people to go for solar power consumption. Thus, installing solar technologies in your home can help you be eligible for several tax credits. You can claim many incentives such as electricity production-based incentives, a chance to sell unused electricity, and easier loans.

Improve home value

Alongside getting a regular supply of clean and affordable power, solar energy can also be used to beautify your home. It can improve the home value by 3-4%. You can get a finished base and a renovated kitchen with the installation of solar energy systems.

According to a research report, homes with solar energy systems have an attractive selling point for real estate agents. Homeowners get a premium for a property with solar power systems. This eventually increases their ROI (return on investment). For third-party owned systems, it seems that the impact is highly neutral but can significantly increase the value, primarily for prepaid leases.   

Different types of solar technologies for homes

Solar energy is the main source of clean and green energy used today. This renewable energy can be converted into many different usable forms based on the solar technologies you’re using. Home users are installing different types of solar systems to use the abundant supply of electricity. For example, backup power systems, grid-tie, or off-grid.

If you are interested to power up your home using solar power, a 5kw solar system sufficient for home use. Based on your purpose, you can buy solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar-powered outdoor lights, solar-powered inverters, and more.  

Do I need to buy my own home to go solar?

No matter whether you rent a house or reside in a high-rise condominium building, you can adopt solar energy in both situations. Multiple people can benefit from a shared and a single solar array installed offsite in a different place or in your building. The purchasing and installation cost is divided among all participants. After that, all participants can purchase into the shared solar system at an appropriate level that suits their budget.   


So, as you read above solar power spells great savings on pocket size, human health, and the environment, so it is worth investing in solar technologies. Using this sustainable and pollution-free energy, you are doing a great favor for yourself and the environment.

Being a responsible citizen of India, you must support the nation in what it is struggling to achieve. So, switch to solar energy and go green. No matter which Indian state or city you’re living in, you can make the best use of this safest energy everywhere as Indian regions have ample sunlight throughout the year to produce enough power.

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