39 Uses Of Solar Energy That You Must Know

The omnipresent sun is a responsible clean and renewable form of energy. Yes, solar energy is surely one of the best forms of energy. This energy can be utilized in many different ways. This is exactly what we are going to discuss here.

1. Electricity from solar energy:

Solar electricity is one of the most popular uses of solar energy. Solar electricity is being used on a wide scale. This is because government subsidies are available. Also, it helps to cut down the electricity bills.

2. Batteries and generators:

With solar batteries and generators, some homes are trying to go off the grid completely. Also, these solar batteries provide power backup in the case of a power outage. But ensure that the maintenance of the system is done properly by On Ground Solar Maintenance professionals.

3. Ventilation:

Solar ventilation can be used for homes as well as commercial premises. Solar attic fans are useful in keeping homes cool in the sultry summer months. This solar ventilation reduces the burden on the HVAC system.

4. Active solar water heating systems:

This system has mechanical circulation pumps to move the water from the rooftop solar system to the storage tank. 2 types of active heating systems are available and they are direct and indirect circulation systems.

5. Passive solar water heating systems:

This system does not have mechanical pumps and is found to be cheaper than active solar heating systems.

6. Hot water solar systems:

In this case, the heating of the water is done by solar collectors. The water is moved through the solar collector and then it is stored in the tanks.

7. Hot air solar systems:

In this case, the air that has been heated by solar energy is circulated. The system has a circulating fan to distribute the heated air in the home.

8. Solar power pumps:

To circulate water in the homes you need pumps. By using solar power pumps you can save the grid energy that is used in running the pumps.

9. Solar heating swimming pools:

In western countries, they have solar-heating swimming pools. The water is sent to a collector where the water is heated using solar energy. This water is then sent to the swimming pool.

10. Solar heating for the water tub:

This application also works on the same principle as that of the solar-heating swimming pool. The water that is heated by the solar energy in the collector is sent to the water tub,

11. Solar EV Charging Station:

Electric vehicle charging stations can also make use of solar energy. Some companies are offering Solar EV Charging Station Services.

12. Landscape lighting:

Cut down the electricity bill and at the same time beautify your garden with solar landscape lighting.

13. Solar street lights:

For street lights also solar energy is considered to be one of the best options. There are some towns where this type of street lighting is being used.

14. Lights for festivals:

During festivals, homes and commercial premises are lit with decorative lights. Solar energy can be used for these festive lights.

15. Indoor lighting:

Solar energy can be used for indoor lighting. It is used for all types of indoor light like pendant lamps and desk lamps.

16. Cookers:

Whether it is cooking during picnics or cooking at home during a power outage use solar cookers.

17. Solar-powered mini refrigerators:

Mini fridges or mini coolers are one of the best ways to store perishable foods. This is especially useful in summer when there is a power cut for a long time.

18. Bluetooth speakers:

Solar Bluetooth speakers have built-in solar panels and they work just like wireless speakers.

19. Solar-powered calculators:

The solar-powered calculators are not some new invention. These calculators are being used for many years.

20. Solar-powered flashlights:

In case of emergencies make use of solar-powered flashlights. These fully charged flashlights work for hours together.

21. Solar keyboard:

Wireless keyboards are more comfortable and so solar-powered keyboards are preferred by many people.

22. Solar-powered battery chargers:

Our electronic devices have to be charged regularly. For this solar powered battery chargers can be one of the best options.

23. Garden decorations:

Chimes with lights and garden ornaments need power and for these garden decorations, you can make use of solar-powered decorations.

24. Solar-powered bird feeders:

Bird feeders have to be lit so that the feeders remain lit throughout the night for the birds.

25. Water fountains:

Water fountains are a must for gardens but at the same time, you want to cut down the electricity bill. For this, you have to make use of solar-powered water fountains.

26. Irrigation controllers:

Automate your sprinklers or irrigation system without wires by using solar-powered irrigation controllers. Make sure these controllers are maintained properly by using On Ground Solar Maintenance services.

27. Solar watches:

Solar watches are very popular and they are also environmentally friendly.

28. Solar backpacks:

With solar backpacks charge your electronic devices anywhere and everywhere.

29. Solar headphones:

Solar headphones or headsets are a new concept and they have built-in solar cells.

30. Solar-powered bike helmets:

Solar energy is used to light the rear light of the helmet which is used for safety purposes.

31. Solar textiles:

These are not in the market but research is being carried out on the same.

32. Solar carports:

Just like Solar EV Charging Station Services, these carports are used for charging vehicles at home.

33. Mobile homes:

Mobile homes are small and have fewer energy needs which can be fulfilled with solar energy.

34. Public charging EV stations:

Just like petrol pumps we can have public EV charging stations that use solar energy.

35. Solar panel parking systems:

These days parking lots and systems using solar energy are very popular.

36. Solar bus stop shelters:

The bus stop shelters have solar panels. The energy generated by the panels is used for lighting and the advertisement boards.

37. Solar benches:

The concept of solar bus stop shelters applies here.

38. Solar energy in public transport:

The lights in solar transportation can work on the electricity generated by the solar panels.

39. Industrial use:

Solar energy is used in many industries.

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